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Rome Reports: Pope celebrates 60 years as a priest and the feasts of Saints Peter and Paul
An essay dealing with the Filioque by a friend (who is Orthodox) and his secondary bibliography
LY Faber criticizes remarks made by Francis Cardinal George regarding Duns Scotus.* These days I cringe whenever a bishop or theologian does intellectual history -- the narrative they provide usually seems facile and poorly informed? Who has the time to do history and become an expert on more than one thinker? Very few specialists. A bishop should study good theology instead and not worry about who said what, but too many Catholic intellectuals seek to explain "modernity" and its problems through intellectual currents of the past. Too much of an academic exercise, and not sufficiently "pastoral" -- what do the Christian faithful really need, an egghead or a pastor who will teach them about God?

Unfortunately the tendency to do bad intellectual history seems to be a fault of Joseph Ratzinger as well.

*They are in an unpublished manuscript, “Catholic Christianity and the Millennium: Frontiers of the Mind in the 21st Century.”

Friday, July 01, 2011

A critique of a recent essay by R. R. Reno giving suggestions as to how we would best help the poor: R. R. Reno's "Preferential Option for the Poor"  (from a link posted at FPR)

I can understand why those with families would wish to avoid living in poor areas. A universal precept that aone should move to such areas seems inappropriate. But we should do what we can to build up community and to live in solidarity with the poor, giving up luxuries that are not necessary (and may even interfere with progress in charity) and working for a more just political economy.

What can be done to improve the moral condition of poor areas, if they are beset by moral problems in addition to material poverty? The lack of fathers has had an impact, and government intervention and welfare has not done much.
Priesterweihen am Dreifaltigkeitssonntag 2011 - The Monastic Channel - 19.06.2011
Rome Reports: Spanish youth tackling controversial issues in Church for WYD 2011 in Madrid

WYD 2011 Madrid (FB)
Pilgrimage Office?

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Ken Benfield, 'The Pursuit of Happiness': How Do Communities Make Us Happy?

Smart Growth
Smart Growth America
Word on Fire: Culture: Charles Taylor & the Secular Age

Vatican announces winners of "Ratzinger Prize in Theology"

Zenit: Winners of Ratzinger Prize Announced

Stray thoughts

There is a piece still in the works...

An evolutionist holds the assumption that because of DNA, there are a host of "forms" available to a particular organism. But has this been shown to be the case for any one organism/species? What if development is not due DNA alone, but also to epigenetic factors (and processes)? If matter is proportionate to form, then how can the matter that is proper to one form1 (or one set of forms1) be transformed to the matter proper for a different form1 (or different set of forms2) by changes in the DNA alone? One would have to show that the DNA is a cause for those epigenetic factors as well, rather than being one tool among many...

Form1 - substantial form (At the moment I think organization, a la Goodwin, is inadequate, as substantial form encompasses organization but more than that.)
Form2 - the structure(s) of the organism, which constitute its appearance
Living Tradition 148: The Second Vatican Council: A Needed Interpretation by John F. McCarthy
Paul VI, Credo of the People of God

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Gratian on the Web

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Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews Robert P. George: Sex and the Empire State
Losing marriage to sexual liberalism.

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The Pursuit of Happiness: Can We Have an Economy of Well-Being? by Carol Graham

Eudaimonia would be the answer but we already have disputes about what constitutes the good life and the its relation to the moral law...
Sandro Magister, Bologna Speaks: Tradition Is Also Made of "Ruptures"