Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Short History of the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy

Fr. Taft - Robert Taft S. J., The Evolution of the Byzantine “Divine Liturgy”
(Orientalia Christiana Periodica XLIII, Roma 1977, p. 8-30)

I found the part on the litany interesting - I wish the article were longer, I'm not sure if he has a short book that would be a good supplement.

I've posted this video before? Maybe not:
Godzdogz: Dominican Seminar 2013 - Fr. Gerald Vann OP

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Brian Douglass on the Right to Self-Defense

The Question of a Right to Self-Defense

Christian Order

The website appears to be lagging less in updates, but limited content is available online. There is this article by James Likoudis, published in March of last year: MUHAMMED II, THE SCOURGE OF CHRISTENDOM, AND THE BYZANTINE SCHISM

I see that it was originally published in The Wanderer.

There is this editorial from May, regarding Vatican 2 and the SSPX.
Yet as we have often documented with a heavy heart, the Holy Father's commitment to the Vatican II vehicle he helped engineer is itself a stumbling block. Was it really necessary to place the defense of that problematic pastoral Council and its texts (often ambiguous, contradictory or superficial as he readily admits) at the very centre of discussions? After all, SSPX objections merely echo similar concerns voiced by eminent theologians who also accept the validity of the Council while decrying its subversive content and purpose. The highly esteemed Msgr Bruno Gherardini, to cite just one, insists that “Modernism hid itself under the cloak of Vatican II,” and that “Modernist corruption has hidden itself within the Council documents themselves.” The ongoing harvest of rotten Conciliar fruits, therefore, cannot all be attributed to rebellious appeals to a bogus "spirit of Vatican II." That malign "spirit" is often spelt out by the slippery "letter" of the Council itself; in weasel-worded phrases like "The Church of God subsists in the Catholic Church," instead of ‘The Church of God is the Catholic Church.’ As a wag observed: Anybody can say "is." Only an expensive lawyer can say "subsists."

Regardless, Tùbingen Benedict's unflagging devotion to the Council has not dampened Bavarian Benedict's yearning to have its most severe critics piped aboard the mangled Barque of Peter — "a boat about to sink," he warned dramatically in 2005, "a boat taking in water on all sides." It seems that the Benedictine anomaly is trumped by this pressing corporate reality, requiring all hands on deck — even those "sectarian" zealots he once felt "we cannot resist too firmly" [Principles of Catholic Theology, 1987, pp. 389-90].

Monday, January 07, 2013

Journey to the Midwest?

Maybe a retreat at Holy Transfiguration Skete would be nice. Or Holy Resurrection Monastery?

"This Care has been Motivated by an Awareness of the Difficulties and Isolation they can Experience and by the Imperative of Christ's Love for all"

Sunday, January 06, 2013