Wednesday, October 03, 2018

A Series from First Things

Edited by Xavier Rynne II

Blessing of the New FSVF Church

The Sacra Doctrina Project

Now running



CNA: Pope invites bishops to be open to new opinions during synod

Will it be around for 100?

NCReg: Holiness for Everyone: Opus Dei Marks Its 90th Birthday by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi
The community St. Josemaría Escrivá founded to emphasize sanctity amid ordinary life continues to impact souls.

St. Josemaría Escrivá Had a Special Love for England by K.V. Turley
Oct. 2, 2018, is the 90th anniversary of the beginning of Opus Dei. This summer marks the 60th anniversary of St. Josemaría’s first visit to England.

Always Pushing the Line

CNA: Pope Francis calls for a youth synod 'anointed by hope'

Let's make the synod a mini Vatican Council!

Interview with Bishop Schneider

Rorate Caeli: Wide-ranging and hard-hitting interview with Bishop Schneider now available for free download

The Icon of the Last Judgment

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

About That Synod...

Crisis Magazine: An Open Letter to Archbishop Chaput Supporting His Call to Cancel the Youth Synod by JULIA MELONI

A Reminder

Is Francis showing his hand?

Pope approves new constitution for Synod of Bishops

Consecration of a New Temple

A Bit Like Gaudium et Spes?

Perhaps I am doing Gaudium et Spes a discredit.

CWR: The 2018 Synod: Key themes, deep tensions, and many questions by Thomas R. Ascik
The working document is an interminable and exhausting assembly of ideas and popular notions about the situation of youth in today’s world. Its predominant tone is not spiritual, moral, or sacramental.

A Failure in Progress?

Is there an agenda already at work?

CNA: Five bishops who could move the youth synod

Choosing Christ

Was reading some books about the history of Confirmation in the Patriarchate of Rome. Not it would follow that if children were to not be given the sacraments of initiation as infants, that the number of Catholics who fall-away later in life would decrease, as the total number of Catholics would decrease, and the only neophytes would be of adult age, or close to it.

Still, if it is necessary, as Baptists claim(?), for people to make a deliberate decision to become Christian before being initiated, then is there a case to be made, in light of the number of Catholics who fall away from the practice of the faith in their adolescence and young adulthood, that Catholics (and Apostolic Christians in general) should refrain from initiating their children until they've attained the age of reason or after? Or are we merely seeing the effects of generations of poorly-catechized Catholics who've never been properly introduced to the practice of prayer and Christian spirituality and made them their own just doing with their own children what their parents did?

Eastern Christian Books: A Century of Ukrainian Struggles for Unity: Nicholas Denysenko on His Superb New Book

Eastern Christian Books: A Century of Ukrainian Struggles for Unity: Nicholas Denysenko on His Superb New Book

Monday, October 01, 2018

The Historicity of the Old Testament

In particular, the book of Genesis.

Some have tried to nuance their interpretation of Genesis (in an attempt to reconcile it with "science," especially evolution) -- but if Christianity and Christian faith is grounded in a historical narrative, salvation history, i.e. what God has done for mankind, then how can one "mythologize" certain books without undermining Christian faith? Contrary to what some Roman Catholics think (perhaps subconsciously under the influence of some exaggerated form of scholasticism), Christianity is not a set of abstract theological propositions which do not need the background of a historical narrative; rather our knowledge of God is through His actions, especially those directed to mankind.
Breitbart: World View: University of N. Florida and Pentagon Cut Ties with China’s Confucius Institutes