Saturday, June 24, 2017

Blessed Is the Man (Traditional Melody)

Aristotle and the Garments of Skin

James Chastek: The Point of Sexual Desire

Aristotle's reflections on the end of reproduction, on the "natural" level remind me of what I read from St. Maximos the Confessor on the garments of skin and the fall of Adam and Eve and the consequences of that fall.

The intensity of our desire for coitus is a result of the fall?

Aristotle can be used to support a Patristic view on the 'garments of skin' rather than John Paul II's Theology of the Body?

Friday, June 23, 2017

A Forgotten Devotion in the West?

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (EWTN)

Fr. Tim Finigan: The healthy notion of reparation

That we can seek to make up for our sins is only possible because of our participation in Christ and the satisfaction of God's righteousness that He is able to make -- and the latter part is meant not in a Latin/legalistic way but an Eastern one.

Enthronement of Bishop Hlib in London

From 2012...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Looks Like Latin Legalism

Fr. Z's answer: Must a Latin Church Catholic going to an Eastern Church still obey Latin laws?

What's an Eastern Catholic response?
Red Bull Music Academy Daily: Devotion: The Architecture of Medieval Churches
Emma Warren explores the transcendent impact and contemporary relevance of medieval acoustic treatments

A New book from Fr. Thomas Joseph White

With a Western image of the Transfiguration on the front cover...

Irina Kirillova MBE on 'Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh'