Thursday, March 28, 2013

I had forgotten what he was like.

Since he had been in the Roman Curia for so long but seemed to have stayed away from controversy during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. Or am I incorrect in this impression? Kasper Proposes Women Deacons
Insight Scoop: Ignatius Press to Release Four Books by Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis) The Monk as an Element of Byzantine Society

The Anaphora of Addai and Mari

Some links: Consecration in the Anaphora of Addai & Mari by Daniel J. Castellano (2007)

Rorate Caeli, 2008: Declaration on the Anaphora of Addai and Mari Not an act of the Supreme Magisterium and Declaration on the Anaphora of Addai and Mari
FOLLOW-UP: It was once condemned

[Irenikon] Addai and Mari, an ancient Eucharistic prayer at the origin of Eucharistic liturgies
The Byzantine Forum: Re: The Anaphora of Addai and Mari
Chaldean Culture - The Anaphora of Addai and Mari: A Study of Structure and Historical Background by Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Jammo
The anaphorae of the liturgy of Sts. Addai and Mari and the Byzantine liturgy of St. Basil the great: a comparative study

I am looking forward to Fr. Taft's forthcoming essay on eucharistic prayers and this point of controversy, and hope it will be available online, but it seems unlikely as I do not see it on the website. (I think he meant the 2013 meeting and not the 2014 meeting. It should be included in the proceedings for the annual meeting?) Fr. Taft recently gave the keynote address to a conference on the liturgy in the Orthodox Church at Hellenic College Holy Cross:
Orthodox Liturgy: Lessons from the Past, Contemporary Trends and Opportunities
March 15-16, 2013
Hellenic College Holy Cross, Brookline, MA

As part of its 75th anniversary celebrations, Hellenic College Holy Cross will be hosting an international conference on the state of liturgy and liturgical renewal in the Orthodox Church. The keynote speaker will be the Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert Taft, world-renowned liturgist and scholar. For more information, see the conference flyer. Please pre-register for the conference here.
Supposedly archived video of the conference will become available.