Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crisis Magazine: “Go Read Your Thomas” by Brian Jones

"Following and expanding upon the tradition handed down to him, St. Thomas taught that reality had an intelligible order to it which aligned with our internal knowledge-based development."

??? I will have to think about what the author is trying to say here...

"Modern man is frequently provided with more education than ever before, but seems to understand himself less and less. There is no metaphysical framework that allows us to understand ourselves, the world we are in, how we ought to act, and ultimately, God. College has become the summum bonum for the youth, but it has not proven to be a community that truly helps young people to ask the deepest questions concerning life that make it more authentically human."

Metaphysics is important and the highest of the naturally knowable sciences, but it is unlikely to be attained by more than a few. There is no "metaphysical framework" because our society at large has rejected Christianity and continues to do so, while lacking the intellectual "elites" lack the requisite skills and moral character to recognize their ignorance.
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Alexander Schmemann on the Ordained Priesthood

Synaxis: Remembering Father Alexander Schmemann: Ministry and Vocation
Father Schmemann strongly argues that there is no special or unique vocation of the priesthood other than to reveal to others the common vocation of the entire people of God: to always offer thanksgiving to God. He was adamant that any theological or doctrinal separation between the vocations of the clergy and the laity is a false one, which reduces the priesthood to a separate caste of people, much like the Levites in the Old Testament, and thereby encourages clericalism. According to Schmemann, “If there are priests in the Church, if there is the priestly vocation in it, it is precisely in order to make the whole life of all the liturgy of the Kingdom, to reveal the Church as the royal priesthood of the redeemed world.” Thus the priest fulfills the calling of everyone who is a member of the royal priesthood, to offer prayer and praise to God and become fully a priest over creation, always giving thanks for everything.

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