Friday, September 02, 2016

Too Much?

St. George Orthodox Church in Sydney, NSW, AUS?

Following Francis and Bartholomew

Pravmir: Praying Without Ceasing by Priest Ernesto Obregon
Praying without ceasing - how on Earth am I supposed to do that?
Prvamir: The Church-Slavonic Text of the Service to St Jonah of Hankow is published (ROCOR)
The "subjective turn" or the "interior turn" -- what distinguished devotio moderna and successive trends in Western spirituality from classical and patristic forms of prayer?

Can we really begin learning about prayer with mental prayer, skipping over vocal prayer? How can mental prayer be separated from a formation in lectio divina and liturgical prayer? (Would that be an accurate characterization of the emphasis of much of popular, contemporary Latin spirituality?) Meditations divorced from the liturgical cycle?

A Beginner’s Guide to Mental Prayer

Published by Ignatius Press at the beginning of this year: The Contemplative Hunger by Fr. Donald Haggerty. (Introduction at Insight Scoop.)

The Remnant: World Youth Day: Vatican Venue for Sex Education by Michael Matt
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So the Vatican has ramped up its preoccupation with sex. As has been widely reported here and elsewhere, they've now got their very own sex-education program up and running. Published by the Pontifical Council for the Family, “The Meeting Point: The Adventure of Love,” purports to bring young people up to speed on the question of sex and chastity. And who better to do that than those paragons of virtue over at that Vatican.

Byzantine New Year

NLM: Byzantine New Year by Gregory DiPippo

Related: On Behalf of All

CWR: Cardinal Raymond Burke on Life, Truth, Mother Teresa, Islam, and Cardinal Sarah
Speaking to reporters from Rome about his new book, the American prelate goes on record about Christians and Muslims (they don't worship the same God) and Cardinal Sarah (“I agree with him completely...").
By Carl E. Olson

In a wide-ranging international teleconference call on Monday with media members, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke spoke in detail about many timely topics. These included the priority of standing up for life in addressing poverty and other social ills, the witness and message of Mother Teresa, essential differences between Christianity and Islam, and the recent controversy over remarks by Car...

Eastern Christian Books: Images of Deification

Eastern Christian Books: Images of Deification

Thursday, September 01, 2016

“Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development"

Fr. Z: Pope Francis creates a one new Dicastery out of four, which will be suppressed

Rorate Caeli

More lecturing of civil governments and states to come. Though some might think that the consolidation of 4 into one might mean that the output would be less. But don't underestimate what can be done in a bureaucracy?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Salvation by Faith

The Myth of Religious Violence

And another lecture at SCU:
Chiesa: Double Friendly Fire Against the “Pope Emeritus”

First Cardinal Brandmüller, then Bishop Sciacca. The one an illustrious historian, the other a luminary of canon law. Both of the circle closest to Ratzinger. But both absolutely opposed to his continuing to have himself called pope

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Eastern Christian Books: Passion and Compassion in Early Christianity

Eastern Christian Books: Passion and Compassion in Early Christianity

Ordered passion/emotion? Or some variation of the care ethic?

Contemporary Byzantine Painting

What's the point?

Should these meetings just be discontinued? If there are to be such meetings, they should be done with local bishops.

A Painting of Benedict XVI

Monday, August 29, 2016

Papal Message to Catholic-Orthodox Symposium

I Ought to Get a Copy of The Beginning of the Gospel

Will SVS Press publish the English translation?

Pravmir: Metropolitan Hilarion: I Owe Everything in My Life to the Church by Anna Danilova, Ph.D.
(via Liturgical Notes and The Moynihan Letter

If That Was His Primary Reason for Resigning

Then he could have cancelled WYD 2013. If that wasn't an option because too much had already been invested, then could he not have delegated to another bishop? But then WYD would not have had the same drawing power.

All the reason more for it to be done away with now.

The Moynihan Letter: Letter #52, 2016: Why Benedict Resigned

Two New Books on the Theology of Louis Bouyer

One in French, the other in Italian:

L'humanisme eschatologique de Louis Bouyer de Sœur Marie-David Weill

Alessandro Scardoni:
Louis Bouyer: itinerario di una teologia mistica tra dossologia e sofiologia