Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Feast of St. Benedict

March 14 on the Byzantine calendar.

Rorate Caeli: Fontgombault Sermon - Feast of Saint Benedict: "The Foundations of European Civilization are being destroyed by the liberally-minded."

Funeral for Fr. Thomas Hopko

Info at OCA.

Truncated video from today:

Do we speak of evil acts being blessings?

Blessing for the Church? How she handled it may be a blessing for the Church, but the act iself?

Interview with Archbishop Georg Gaenswein

Any Nuance?

A "New" Sui Iuris Church

Ordination of Archbishop Joël Mercier

Doing Some Reading on Sacrifice...

AntiphoN: Keith Lemma, Louis Bouyer’s Defense of Religion and the Sacred: Sacrifice and the Primacy of Divine Gift in Christian Liturgy

Friday, March 20, 2015

Discussion for the Sake of Discussion?

Chiesa: The Synod Market Index. Kasper Down, Caffarra Up

Six Monasteries

Fr. Matthew on Priesthood and Sacrifice

Fr. Matthew Baker: Priesthood and Sacrifice (Homily for Sunday of the Holy Cross)

Two More Lectures by Christopher Veniamin

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Memory Eternal.

Thomistic Circles: What is a Person?

Kasper on Francis, Again

How Pope Francis Sees the Church (via Pertinacious Papist)

Rethinking the Seminary

Seminaries: What Were and Are They For? by Fr. Anthony Perkins (via Byz TX)

Maxims for Christian Living by Fr. Hopko

Byzantine TX: 55 Maxims for Christian Living by the late Fr. Thomas Hopko

DSPT Aquinas Lecture 2015

St. Thomas Aquinas in Art & Legend by Michael Morris, OP

Embedded video can also be found here.

Fr. Thomas Hopko Has Passed

I will miss his series on Ancient Faith Radio

Jean Duchesne on Louis Bouyer

The second segment... "L'Esprit des Lettres accueille également Jean Duchesne pour son livre Louis Bouyer, édité chez Artège. L'auteur veut nous donner des clés de lecture pour comprendre et approfondir la pensée puissamment originale du père Louis Bouyer, souvent considéré comme l'un des grands théologiens du XXe siècle."

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eastern Christian Books: In Honour of Thomas Hopko

Eastern Christian Books: In Honour of Thomas Hopko: The news has been circulating for more than a week that the Orthodox presbyter and theologian Thomas Hopko is in his last days. I met him b...

Figuring Him Out?

Chiesa: Vatican Diary / The two-step of the Argentine pope

Perfectly in keeping with tradition when he talks about abortion, divorce, homosexuality. But also open to changes in doctrine and practice. An anthology that intensifies the mystery

Paschal Evangelism

Aidan Hart on Inculturation in Iconography and Fostering Creativity

From 2012: Towards Indigenous and Mature Liturgical Arts

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Double Jubilee for the Dominicans

Actuosa, Again

NLM: A Note on Participation: What Can We Learn from the Word Actuosa? by Peter Kwasniewski

Funny that he cites Fr. Bouyer: "Louis Bouyer's definition is therefore perfectly on target: “Participation in the liturgy is the reception of sacramental grace through a living faith illumined and enflamed by the liturgy itself.”" After all, Fr. Bouyer was no Latin traditionalist.

Interior participation is nonetheless founded upon intelligibility of the liturgy.

Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Nectarios Orthodox Church, Charlotte, NC


Eritrean Orthodox Liturgy

Progress in the Spiritual Life

As one makes progress in the mystical life, do the different roles of the Persons of the Trinity become more apparent? And does one become more explicitly oriented to God the Father?

Holy Relics and the Deification of the Human Body by Christopher Veniamin

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Divine Liturgies, 150316

The Devotion to St. Joseph

Saint Josemaria and the Role of Saint Joseph in Christian Life

Devotion to St. Joseph and to the Holy Family - one can say that in the industrial west, with the loss of the family and misandry, there is a need for the devotion to St. Joseph as foster-father to Christ, husband to the Theotokos. Would it have gained such prominence if deification and supernatural adoption had remained at the forefront of Western spirituality, though? And we were thus properly engaged with Christ's and our relationship with God the Father? (Similarly, is devotion to the Holy Family as circumscribed as the Western devotion to the infant Christ at Christmas (which Louis Bouyer critiques in Liturgical Piety)?

Again, there may be a need now for St. Joseph as a role-model for men who wish to be good husbands and fathers. And perhaps depictions of the Holy Family, with Christ as a child, are not so out of place when we remember that icons of the Theotokos also have Christ depicted as a child. Is it part of Byzantine canon for St. Joseph to be depicted with the Christ child?

While there may be an older Latin devotion to St. John the Baptist comparable to the one in the East, it does not seem to be so prominent, at least in American churches?

The Importance of Devotion to St. Joseph

Shades of Truth