Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coffee with Sister Vassa Ep.18 (Publican&Pharisee/Prodigal Son)

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Scholarship Without an Agenda?

Well, Canadians run so what should one expect in the selections they make?
Never thought I'd hear the following from an Orthodox priest, but I did: Fr. Theodore (Greek) gave a "job description" for a husband and some of the requirements included "being obedient to one's wife"; he also seemingly misapplied St. Paul's dictum that Christians should submit to one another to the relationship between husband and wife. (Questionable whether this could be understood as some sort of egalitarianism or just Christian fraternity, characterizing the friendship or agape between members of the same sex.)

I assume the priest has been married for some time - but is his married life sufficient to give support to these principles being laid down as fundamental to Christian morality? Or did he, as a [Greek Orthodox] priest, luck out in the modern marriage market?

Anamnesis Journal: Science and the Restoration of Culture by Wolfgang Smith