Sunday, March 18, 2012

Princeton Theological Seminary: Theological Commons
The Mystery of Monasticism: History, Spirituality and Vocation
Galileo: Anti-Hero of Science

Discantus - Laetare Jerusalem

More from OUP

The Lost History of the Ninth Amendment by
Kurt T. Lash

Justice: A Reader by Michael J. Sandel

C. Vann Woodward

Politeness and Politics in Cicero's Letters by Jon Hall

New Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin by Andrew L Sihler

When Dead Tongues Speak: Teaching Beginning Greek and Latin by John Gruber-Miller

Ancient Greek Scholarship: A Guide to Finding, Reading, and Understanding Scholia, Commentaries, Lexica, and Grammatical Treatises
From Their Beginnings to the Byzantine Period
Eleanor Dickey

From Gibbon to Auden
Essays on the Classical Tradition
G.W. Bowersock

Character Strengths and Virtues
A Handbook and Classification
Christopher Peterson, Martin E. P. Seligman

Psychology? Or ethics?
VIA Character: Welcome to the VIA Institute on Character
VIA Manual Intro
Byzantine chant - Απεστάλη εξ ουρανού

Byzantine chant - Μη αποστρέψης