Saturday, April 27, 2013

Divna Ljubojevic - Blagosloven jesi Gospode

Traditionalist vs. Conservative

Jeff Mirus, OK, so what sort of renewal did Vatican II prescribe?

Christopher Ferrara responds to an earlier piece by Mirus, Pope Francis: Tough Talk About Vatican II

Some traditionalists (especially Americans) may deny that some problems pre-existed the council. But was the council itself a necessary part of the solution? (Especially given that it did not define any dogma in opposition to a heretical opinion?) How many of the previous councils can be considered to be of the same importance as Trent when it came to reforming the Latin churches?

Photos of Archbishop Jorge Maria Bergoglio Concelebrating the Divine Liturgy

(via ByzCath) - here, here, here, here, and here

Was there no Byzantine-rite mitre? Or was he uncomfortable wearing one? I am not sure if he was concelebrating - he is not wearing some of the other episcopal liturgical vestments as well - maybe they had only one set. It looks like he is wearing a mantiya instead.