Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Vatican Insider: Journals, documents and witnesses: Vatican II is alive both in spirit and in content

Michael Moreland on Alasdair MacIntyre

Remarks for Civitas Dei Medal Presentation to Alasdair MacIntyre

Villanova University Inaugurates Civitas Dei Medal Recognizing Exemplary Contributions to Catholic Intellectual Tradition
Inaugural recipient Alasdair MacIntyre, professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, known for his contribution to the history of philosophy, moral philosophy, political theory, and the philosophy of religion
"We must all be always able to appreciate and esteem each other"
St. Augustine writes in this regard: “Just as in the ‘Catholica,'” that is in the Church, “we can find that which is not Catholic, so also outside of the ‘Catholica’ there can be something Catholic” (“On Baptism Against the Donatists,” PL 43, VII, 39, 77). For this reason the members of the Church must not be jealous but rejoice if someone outside the community does something good in Christ’s name, as long as he does it with the right intention and with respect. It can also occur that in the Church herself sometimes there is a failure to value and to appreciate, in a spirit of profound communion, the good things done by various ecclesial groups. We must all, however, be always able to appreciate and esteem each other, praising the Lord for the infinite “imagination” with which he works in the Church and in the world.
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