Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Meeting

One His Way Out?

The Pope's Liturgical Schedule for November

Schönstatt Apostolic Movement

Truth or Ultramonate Hype?

Maybe they'd have a wider audience if they were more accessible stylistically and verbally.

Armenian Liturgy for the Pontifical Oriental Institute

How Is This Not Cultural Relativism?

It seems to me to go beyond prudential considerations.

The German Position
“Cultural difference” vs. Christian cultus by Matthew Schmitz

Are Latin Conservatives Right to Be Concerned?

Francis’ Patient Revolution by Sandro Magister
There was no agreement at the synod on homosexuality and divorce, but in the end it will be the pope who decides. And he already has in mind the changes he wants to introduce, or rather is already putting them into practice. A commentary by Paul Anthony McGavin

From Fr. Hunwicke: Professor Roberto de Mattei and Papal authority and Francis on the Petrine Ministry

Rod Dreher: On Resisting Pope Francis to his Face

"What the Natural Sciences Do Not Explain"