Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More from Fr. Hunwicke on the Assumption

Why was she assumed? A Patrimonial answer
NCReg: Melkite Eparchy Celebrates 50-Year Milestone of Evangelizing in America by Peter Jesserer Smith
The Eastern Catholic traditions rooted in the ancient Church of Antioch have blossomed in the U.S. since the close of Vatican II.

One aspect of liturgical renewal that the bishop plans to initiate is an adaption of the parochial Byzantine office from the eighth century, so that Melkite Catholic men and women can gather to pray the Church’s morning and evening prayer with each other. The office currently is geared toward monks, but the new “parochial office” will enable the laity to integrate these prayers in their lives and reap their Church’s rich spiritual tradition through the week.

[Roman] Catholicism: The Pivotal Players

A slick production but it does seem to have a rather limited perspective on Church history. I may be enjoy Chesterton's writing but does he merit inclusion here? Similarly, the place of Michelangelo is debatable...