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The Latin Distinction Between Divine Mercy and Divine Justice

Another instance where it is used.

Church Life Journal: Does the Mass Say Christmas Is About Justice? by John O’Callaghan

And yet, Christ is called the "Sun of Justice" or better, the "Sun of Righteousness" (Malachi 4:2). And that is the solution to the Latin difficulty...

Friday, December 28, 2018

More on PCED

NCReg: Farewell Pontifical Commission ‘Ecclesia Dei’? by Edward Pentin
The Vatican body aimed at keeping traditional Catholics united with the Successor of Peter looks likely to be suppressed, but sources suggest it could actually be a positive development.

"This book review will be online soon"

La Nouvelle Revue Théologique : The pneumatology of Jean Corbon's theology of the Eucharist and divinization. A Theology of divinization through gratuitous self-giving
NRT 140/3 (2018) p. 518
Reviewer : de Longcamp
Koovayil S.J., The pneumatology of Jean Corbon's theology of the Eucharist and divinization. A Theology of divinization through gratuitous self-giving, coll. ÉPOC 3, Beyrouth, CERPOC, 2016, 17x24, 336 p.. ISBN 978-614-8019-20-3

Thursday, December 27, 2018

John Lamont on Infallibility, Again

the original article, linked at this blog here

Rorate Caeli: Follow-up Article - Paul VI: The Infallibility of Canonizations and the Morals of the Faithful

The question of what role in which the bishop of Rome acts when he solemnly canonizes someone is not addressed. I don't think it was addressed in the previous installment either. He rather presumes the "traditional" Latin opinion in his article, when he speaks of the Church Universal (in relation to the bishop of Rome), rather than the patriarchate of Rome.

Canonisation, as they addressed it, took two forms; equipollent canonisation, and formal canonisation. Equipollent canonisation happens when a Pope decrees the universal veneration of a person to whom devotion has existed since time immemorial, and whose holiness and miracles are recorded by historians who are worthy of belief. Formal canonisation happens when a Pope decrees the universal veneration of a person whose heroic virtue and miracles have been established by a juridical process undertaken by the Holy See.

And so does he presume a Vatican I definition of papal infallibility? It would seem so:

This argument fails to grasp the nature of an infallible definition. In order for a papal teaching to be infallible, it is not enough for it to say that it is infallible; it has to actually satisfy the conditions for an infallible statement. Such statements must be exercises of the teaching authority of the Apostolic See, and they must definitively and finally bind all the faithful to assent to the assertions that they are making. In the case of an infallible truth that is divinely revealed, the faithful are required to believe (credere) the truth that is being taught. In the case of an infallible truth that belongs to the secondary object of the infallible magisterium, the faithful are required to hold (tenere) the truth that is being taught. The term ‘belief’ is used for divinely revealed truths, not because truths belonging to the secondary object of the magisterium do not also need to be believed to be true, but to underline that divinely revealed truths must be believed with an act of the theological virtue of faith.

What sort of reform?

CNA: The Siena Option: What one saint did in the face of a troubled Church

If there was already a problem with how Latins understood the authority of the bishop of Rome at the time of St. Catherine, it would seem that this fundamental problem was not addressed.

An aside: The clergy as other "Christs" -- can this be developed in a way that would find grounding in the Byzantine tradition?

God Is with Us (Greek)

The "Maranatha Mantra"

promoted by Fr. John Main, OSB (!)

Maybe its defenders can argue that this is just another form of centering prayer, a higher form of Christian prayer but if it is, how can it be employed by beginners? It is certainly different from the Jesus Prayer, in which one does not empty one's mind of all content... Eastern monastics must have a field day with Westerns promoting centering prayer.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

God is With Us

The Papal Paper War

Papal social encyclicals...

On Being Catholic Modern by James Matthew Wilson

But some theological opinions are better argued than others...

Monday, December 24, 2018

Except... aren't there other things in contemporary Latin popular piety that should be corrected first?

An apologist for Pope Francis.

NCReg: Popular Piety and the Our Father by Peter Brown
COMMENTARY: Pope Francis’ recent suggestion can serve as a great moment to spotlight the true meaning behind this foundational prayer of the Church.

In Anticipation of Tomorrow

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TOB and Catholic Feminism

Will there be any surprises in this podcast?

How much time on this earth?

Benedict XVI looks more and more fragile with every public photo.

Edward Pentin post

Matthew Hazell Reviews Yves Chiron's Book on Bugnini

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Mess Was Predicted

NCReg: Confusion Over Holy Communion for Protestant Spouses by Edward Pentin
Pastoral guidelines allowing the practice in some cases is predictably causing chaos and “great harm” to the Church, says Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


But upon what basis in Sacred Tradition?

CNA: Pope Francis: Through virtue, political life can be a form of charity

May God Grant Fr. Rutler Many Years!

CWR: Pope Francis’ new comments on the death penalty are incoherent and dangerous by Fr. George William Rutler
Pope Francis says that his innovative teaching “does not imply any contradiction” of the Church’s tradition but, one has to say reluctantly, it indeed does.

Who is the Ancient of Days? Interpreting the Ancient of Days (Text)

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Eternal Memory!

Whose Tradition?

And where? What are the sources? Is this celebrated liturgically or only only a theological opinion?

"Not without reason has the Tradition referred to her as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit."

What are the sources for this?

Mary, Herald of the Dawn and Spouse of the Spirit by Peter M.J. Stravinskas
The Rorate Mass inserts us ever more deeply into the Advent season, all the while uniting us to the pre-eminent Woman of Advent, the Mother of the Messiah.

The Annual List by CWR Contributors of the Best Books

CWR: “The Best Books I Read in 2018” by CWR Contributors
CWR editors and contributors share their favorite reads from the last year.

More from Tallis Scholars

Scott Hahn on the Lord's Prayer

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fr. Alexander. Eternal Memory!

And who will lead this charge?

NCReg: Pope’s Homosexuality Comments Could Encourage Discussion at Abuse Summit by Edward Pentin
The issue has so far been avoided by those preparing for the event, but now is highlighted in the wake of Francis’ recent forceful remarks about the problem.

Maike Hickson on Robert Spaemann

LifesiteNews: Renowned German philosopher who criticized Francis for ‘splitting’ Church dies by MAIKE HICKSON

Major Archbishop Shevchuk Has a New Book

Sandro Magister: Wars of Religion. Because in Ukraine the Most Ecumenical Are the Greek Catholics

Lyceum School in Cleveland

NLM: A High School Choir Sings Two Pontifical Liturgies in One Day - Lion and Ox

See also Tom Piatak, Faith of Our Fathers, Living Still

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sister Vassa on the Fathers

Part 1

Two on Synodality

CWR Dispatch: A short defense of authentic synodality by Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
Prior to the conclusion of Vatican II, synods were not thematic conferences discussing boutique interests of some group or other. Far from it.

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick reacts to the same essay by Charles Pecknold: Synodality or Supremacy: Orthodoxy and Rome

A Review of an Important Book

Can You Baptize Without Baptism? Review: The Ecclesiological Renovation of Vatican II by Fr. Peter Heers - reviewed by Fr. John Cox

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In Other Words, Dependent Rational Animals

Church Life: The Advent Corrective to Locke’s Lonely Liberalism by Sofia Carozza

Fr. Joseph Marquis on St. Nicholas

Not Forgotten

How goes the reform of the Legionaries of Christ?

More on Human Dignity


By What Competence?

Sandro Magister: Francis, Absolute Monarch. Behind the Scenes of the New Italian “Our Father”

Meanwhile, as of December 5, in his Wednesday general audiences the pope has begun a cycle of catecheses precisely on the “Our Father.’ It will be interesting to listen to him when he gets to the petition he wanted to have retranslated.

Feast of St. Nicholas

Holy Nicholas, Pray for Us!

A New Book from Ed Feser

Coming Soon: Aristotle's Revenge: "My new book Aristotle’s Revenge: The Metaphysical Foundations of Physical and Biological Science will be out early next year from Editiones Scholasticae."

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Annibale Bugnini Reformer of the Liturgy by YVES CHIRON

English translation now available from Angelico Press.
NCReg: Archbishop Viganò Addresses Dispute With Brother Over Family Inheritance by Edward Pentin
In a statement issued through his lawyers, the former apostolic nuncio to the United States and recent whistleblower calls reports accusing him of “fraud,” “theft” or misappropriation of funds “unfounded.”

"No Comment"

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Eastern Catholic Patriarchs Meeting in Baghdad

Crux: Middle East Catholic leaders: Bear witness in turbulent world
NCReg: Confronting Troubling Questions Ahead of February Bishops’ Meeting
EDITORIAL: Time is short for concrete actions and authentic reforms. We cannot afford another missed opportunity.
The Editors

Mixed Marriage

OCA: “Mixed Marriage: An Orthodox History” offers fascinating study of marriage and the Church
(via Byz, TX)

Another Book by a Latin on the Papacy

Of course it is another Protestant convert who is one of the authors...

CWR: New book clarifies beliefs and corrects misunderstandings about the papacy by CWR Staff
“Very few know the biblical foundation for the office of pope,” says Stephen K. Ray, co-author of The Papacy: What the Pope Does and Why It Matters, “or the manner in which a pope is elected. What is his job? Can he ever be challenged or corrected?”

“Armastus Maksimos Usutunnistaja ja Gregorios Palamase teoses. Kuidas mõjutab armastus pedagoogikat”


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CWR: Cardinal Müller’s seeks to thread the needle, but misses the canonical mark by Christopher R. Altieri
The idea that airing dirty laundry is what harms the credibility of the Church is part of the problem. Arguably, it is the problem.