Saturday, December 01, 2012

This morning at a sale at a local Catholic bookstore, I looked through a copy of Married Priests? I don't think any new arguments are advanced regarding clerical celibacy as an ideal, and it relies on much work already done by Cochini and Heid and the like. It is unlikely, then, that this new book would successfully persuade Orthodox (and Eastern Catholics).

Priestly celibacy in patristics and in the history of the Church by Roman Cholij (who has since then repudiated his original position, iirc)

He has also written Theodore the Stoudite: The Ordering of Holiness.

From earlier this year: Rome to US Eastern Catholics: New Priests Should “Embrace Celibacy”

Biopic of Joseph Ratzinger to be Made

Vatican Insider: Ratzinger’s life becomes a film
An international production on the life and works of the Pope has been announced in Munich. The film is due out in 2014 and will be based on the written biography by Peter Seewald

Some Events at the DSPT Next Year

From the Events Calendar:

Natural Law - an Evening with Russell Hittinger, Jean Porter and Lloyd Weinreb
Thursday, January 31, 7 pm
Save the date to learn more about natural law from leading scholars: Russell Hittinger , William K. Warren Professor of Catholic Studies and Research Professor of Law at the University of Tulsa; Jean Porter , John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame; and Lloyd Weinreb , Dane Professor of Law at Harvard University. More details to come.

According to his brother, Dr.  Hittinger's book on Catholic social teaching (long-awaited by me) is finished and will be published soon. I haven't seen any information on it yet.
And the 2013 Aquinas Lecture:
The 23rd Annual Aquinas Lecture - Baptismal Theology and Practice in the Age of St. Thomas Aquinas
Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP
Wednesday, February 27, 7.30 pm
Fr. Augustine will examine new discoveries about the liturgical and social significance of baptism in the cities of thirteenth-century Italy and compare them with the development of the theology of baptism from the 12th century to Thomas Aquinas in the late 13th.

Metropolitan Tikhon Visits St. Vladimir's Seminary
Metropolitan Tikhon’s Inaugural Visit to Seminary Includes Guest Cardinal Dolan

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SVOTS Dean Lectures in Toronto, and Serves in London at Anniversary Liturgy