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Does any prominent Father in the first millenium

apply the image of Spouse to the individual human person, and not just to the Church as a whole? Or is this more of a medieval Latin development, concomitant with shifts in Latin understandings of spirituality and the Eucharist?

Regarding the Bridegroom and the Bride, God the Son is the analogue of the male/man, and the Church (and perhaps the individual human person) is the analogue of the female. Just as the husband is the "active" principle and leads and imprints himself on his wife, and the wife is conformed to the husband, so Christ is the active principle, and the individual human person is conformed to Christ.

While the literal application of this imagery may be useful to female religious, I question its effectiveness for men. (As opposed to its being used as a theological metaphor to help our understanding of our communion with Christ and the Holy Trinity.)

And the individual human person has a filial relationship with God the Father by being sons in the Son. A logical consequence of the first, perhaps, our being conformed to Christ.

Would we say that the individual soul is the bride of the Holy Trinity as a whole? Or of the Father? I don't think so, even though it may be claimed that Israel is the bride of God the Father in the OT? It would be even more problematic if the human person were called to have a "conjugal" relationship with God the Father and a "filial" relationship as well. I believe the latter is literal, even if by analogy, while the former is only a metaphor or figurative language. So as I start reading through John Paul II's catechesis (and not the popularizations put forth by others) I will be keen to see how he parses this out.

Legitimate Development?

Fr. Z: Pope Francis Establishes a New Path to Beatification

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No More "Monkey Jesus"!

CWR: Eamon Duffy’s “Reformation Divided” revises assumptions, offers deep historical insights by Michael B. Kelly

Among the very significant contributions in Reformation Divided are the three chapters devoted to Thomas More, who has suffered from much hagiographical treatment, both good and ill.

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A Two-Tier Spirituality?

CWR: Spiritual direction and the role of the laity by Russell Shaw

In the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila we have a glimpse of the two-tier spirituality that has been taken for granted by most spiritual writers for a long time. It might be put like this: The goal for priests and religious is to be holy, the goal for lay people is to be good.

Comments on the Ravenna Document by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

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CWR: Why did Robert Cardinal Sarah decide to devote a book to silence?

The Introduction to Cardinal Sarah’s The Power of Silence, by French journalist Nicolas Diat, reveals the book could never have existed without a young French monk who was paralyzed and unable to speak—and yet formed a deep and abiding friendship born in silence, that grew in silence, and continues to exist in silence.

"Saints and Orthodoxy"

Great Prokeimenon: "Who Is So Great a God?"

Tone 7

Tone 7

St. Vladimir's Seminary Press

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Blessed is the Man

A Jesuit Now in Charge of the CDF

A good Jesuit or a bad one? Will he be a Jesuit first and a Catholic second when advising the Jesuit Pope? What would Malachi Martin have to say about this latest development (and the newest superior general of the Society of Jesus)?

Pope names Archbishop Luis Ladaria as Müller’s successor to head CDF The Spanish Jesuit has served as second-in-command at the CDF since 2008.

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Blessed Is the Man (Traditional Melody)

Aristotle and the Garments of Skin

James Chastek: The Point of Sexual Desire

Aristotle's reflections on the end of reproduction, on the "natural" level remind me of what I read from St. Maximos the Confessor on the garments of skin and the fall of Adam and Eve and the consequences of that fall.

The intensity of our desire for coitus is a result of the fall?

Aristotle can be used to support a Patristic view on the 'garments of skin' rather than John Paul II's Theology of the Body?

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A Forgotten Devotion in the West?

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (EWTN)

Fr. Tim Finigan: The healthy notion of reparation

That we can seek to make up for our sins is only possible because of our participation in Christ and the satisfaction of God's righteousness that He is able to make -- and the latter part is meant not in a Latin/legalistic way but an Eastern one.

Enthronement of Bishop Hlib in London

From 2012...

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Looks Like Latin Legalism

Fr. Z's answer: Must a Latin Church Catholic going to an Eastern Church still obey Latin laws?

What's an Eastern Catholic response?
Red Bull Music Academy Daily: Devotion: The Architecture of Medieval Churches
Emma Warren explores the transcendent impact and contemporary relevance of medieval acoustic treatments

A New book from Fr. Thomas Joseph White

With a Western image of the Transfiguration on the front cover...

Irina Kirillova MBE on 'Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh'

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What is the title of this image?

Way Behind...

Still haven't caught up.

The snippet offered below could be understood as a defense of patriarchy (in conjunction with what St. Paul wrote), but I don't think that's how it will work out.

Gone and Forgotten in Rome?

Sandro Magister: Centennial of Domenico Bartolucci. Like a Harp in a Strange Land

Reinterpreting Humanae Vitae?

Rorate Caeli: De Mattei: The Plan Of “Reinterpretation” For Humanæ Vitæ

Related: Name By Name, the Metamorphosis of the Pontifical Academy For Life

Videos of the Ambrosian Rite Celebrated for Sacra Liturgia 2017

The Author and Perfecter of Our Faith


The Synodal System

Fr. Thomas Hopko

God Is With Us

Jardin des livres 2 : Quelle unité pour les chrétiens?

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One More

Also for Comparison



For Comparison

with the Trinity Dome of the previous post

The Proposed Trinity Dome Mosaic

for "America's Catholic Church," the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Apparently, there was a special collection held on Mother's Day 2017 in Roman Catholic dioceses in the United States to help fund the dome.

It is a product of its time but it does represent an attempt by the Latin churches in the United States to re-write American history and re-define American [Catholic] identity.

The procession of saints includes, among others, St. Juan Diego (the first canonized male Native American), St. Kateri Tekakwitha (the first canonized female Native American), St. Teresa of Calcutta (an honorary American citizen), St. Francis Cabrini, M.S.C. (the first U.S. citizen to be canonized), St. John Paul II (the first pope to visit the National Shrine), and St. Junípero Serra (declared a saint by Pope Francis at the National Shrine in 2015 for the first canonization ever to take place on American soil).

Is there a single political entity that is the United States? That is the nationalist myth that arose 1865. Then again, only a basilica built in the seat of the Federal Government would pretend to be a national Catholic symbol. And then there is the inclusion of two modern popes...

As for the quality of the mosaic itself -- I don't think it looks very good, but it goes well with what else has been installed in the upper basilica. The depiction of the Most Holy Trinity is uncanonical; did the artist not consult anyone traditional authority on this question? The figures themselves look like the "naturalistic" representations of saints that are done in modern stained glass windows -- they don't look like mosaics at all. Maybe it's because of the distance and the resulting resolution, but I think the mosaic loses something as a result. As for the representation of the "Immaculate Conception," I find that I cannot relate to Western depictions of the Theotokos these days.

Then again, that sort of ambition and desire to create such a large mosaic for a very large temple reflects the triumphalistic hubris of the American [Latin] Catholic Church, which didn't go away with Vatican II. "This was the best they could do, and they thought it was great?"

Perhaps it is a good thing that the Greeks didn't attempt to recreate a version of Hagia Sophia on American soil.

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Fr. Schmemann on Pentecost

St. Gregory Palamas

St. Luke the Surgeon

Christopher West

will be in the area in August; time to finally do some extended reading of his work and the original catechetical series by John Paul II? His workshop will be based on his 2013 book Fill These Hearts. (I have probably forgotten he was here back in 2014.)

part 2

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For Pentecost

Transformation in the Holy Spirit

O Heavenly King

The Promise of Pentecost

What Future for Russian Catholics?

RISU: Feeling Abandoned, Russian Catholics Appeal to the Pope

How much new Russian blood are the Russian Catholic parishes receiving? What is the alternative to "uniatism" for the Russian Catholics?

Then there is the Latin trad perspective on Russia...
De Mattei's double article: "Russia will be Catholic"

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Fr. Hunwicke: The Holy Spirit and the Roman Rite UPDATED

Psalm 50

Схиархимандрит Серафим (Бит-Хариби) и Хор монастыря 13 Ассирийских отцов "Псалом 50"

St. Ephrem the Syrian

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How Useful for Prayer?

Even if one can make use of statues in prayer and liturgy*, could one pray with a statue depicting Christ or His saint smiling? (As opposed to making a pious gesture or a quick devotional prayer?) I don't think so.

"Does the Latin tradition have a problem with the use of images in prayer?"

*Can one use statues for the same amount of time as one can use two-dimensional images? I think because of their depth, the matter of the statues would eventually become distracting.

St. John the Theologian

On this Day...

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Eastern Christian Books: We Have Here No Lasting City.....or Church (I)

Eastern Christian Books: We Have Here No Lasting City.....or Church (I)


Orthodox Christianity: Christ is Risen! Part 7a. Subtle Differences Between East and West

Dr. Jeannie Constantinou

Before continuing with her discussion of 1 Corinthians in her seventh and last podcast on Christ’s Resurrection, Dr. Jeannie Constantinou discusses some of the subtle differences between the Eastern and Western understandings of doctrine.

Cardinal Müller on The World Over

Cardinal Müller discusses Islam, "Amoris Laetitia", liturgy, secularism on "The World Over"

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St. Gennadios Scholarios

I was wondering if there was a local cult to this patriarch of Constantinople, but then was reminded that some regard him as having been canonized, so I had to double-check.

Perhaps it is time to promote his cult and have more icons of him painted.

How Much for That Cover?

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Orthodox Choir of Monastery Kovilj

"Orthodox Latin-Greek Western Rite Chant" - I don't think the Latin comes in until after a minute or so...

Dale Ahlquist on the Chesterton Option

The Dispatch

Plenty of economic localism -- but is it enough? Even Catholics are clueless with respect to community-formation.

The Patristic View of Sex or Marital Relations

Was there a consensus?

James Brundage, Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe
Google Books

Mentioned here by someone who is not particularly orthodox, iirc.

Still, is some sort of revision necessary, not for the basic precepts regarding our sexual powers, but with respect to our attitudees and understanding of the virtues pertaining to those powers and marital relations?

The conjugal act: as God originally intended or a concession to the Fall?

Infants and children may need sensible signs of affection and touch by parents for their emotional/mental health and to flourish, and this may be true of adults to an extent that we may not realize. Would we say that this is merely concupiscence, our desire to touch and to be touched? In so far as it is non-rational, maybe some would. (Concupiscence is not just a condition of the sexual appetite but of the appetite for nutrition as well, and what else? Hunger, indeed.) A consequence of the fall, an increased animality or manifestation of the "sensitive" aspect of the soul? Maybe, maybe not. But a real feature of human beings in this world, nonetheless. So why wouldn't it be the case with how men and women, or husbands and wives relate to one another? Is something to be condemned or criticized or merely permitted because it is "too" carnal, or not "spiritual" enough? What if there is a natural teleology to certain acts of touch that we may be tempted to dismiss because we think we shouldn't need them?

What of the prophecy of St. Paisios?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

When there is no political community at large, just an aggregate of individual/families held together by force, what are the rules of war for those legitimately seeking to create a community?

Not Solesmes

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The Healing of the Paralytic

World's Largest Mosaic arrives to decorate Belgrade's Cathedral

Icons of Sound Project - Trisagion


The Voice of Hagia Sophia

What would a female version of this sound like? Could someone even like Divna Ljubojević pull it off? Perhaps, but would it be as effective and awesome? I think I have heard women trying to hold a note for an extended period of time in Gregorian chant (maybe polyphony?)?

Orientale Lumen XXI

Next month.

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How much is tuition?

Chesterton Academy

CWR Dispatch: How do we teach beauty? by Dale Ahlquist
Chesterton says, “Wherever men are happy, they will build beautiful things.” The modern world is ugly because we are unhappy. The modern world is ugly because we do not love the modern world.

Interview with Tracey Rowland

CWR: Tracey Rowland's Guide Through the Catholic Academic "Zoo" by Carl E. Olson

"Theology is important because it is all about reasoning about the highest things. It is the one thing a person doesn’t want to get wrong in life because it affects one’s eternal destiny."

Person in the Christian Tradition

Theotokos Institute of Catholic Studies (alt)

(via Byz, TX)

The Marian Option

The Marian Option by Carrie Gress

Related: Why "the Marian Option" is not optional today

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The Pascha Gospels of the Byzantine Rite

Before the Fall...

Would the body be indestructible or impervious to injury (a preternatural gift) or would it be subject to a miraculous healing immediately or mediately by some gift of God? If the former, would the emotion of fear (with respect to physical dangers) have existed?

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CWR: He shall be called “Father Benedict” by James Day
Joseph Ratzinger has adopted many names throughout his lifetime. He is one of few popes known for his significant contributions to faith and culture before assuming Benedict XVI.

"Love Your Neighbor"

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A Difference in Traditions

CWR: Lessons from the Prophetess of Eucharistic Love by Paul Senz
Saint Mary Magdalene, says Fr. Sean Davidson, author of a new book on her life and example, "is the perfect adorer of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Gospels."

I Hope This is Good

Wow, Part 8 Already

I have not been keeping up with this series...

I'm Not Tempted to Look Back

Had a short talk with a friend and we touched upon the current state of the Roman rite...

A Temple to Visit in Vegas

St. Paul the Apostle

The Mystical Life

Religious Art

More by Aidan Hart

A Couple of Interesting Entries from Fr. Hunwicke

Uncreated Light?
The protohistory of the Ordinariates

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Holy Job

Why not St. John the Forerunner as Well?

Why shouldn't he be named a patron of the Universal Church?

Or is this feast really tied to the Latin devotion to the Holy Family?

Does Rome really speak for the Universal Church in this matter? (Like canonizations and naming doctors of the Church, isn't this only in reference to its own liturgical calendar and cultus?)

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Biblical Thomism

The Present Crisis in the Patriarchate of Rome

It is probably not correct to trace it as a consequence of ecclesial trends prior to and culminating in the Council of Trent, much less to intellectual trends alone, but one must also take into consideration the development of the modern nation-state (with its roots in the centralization of power by nationalist kings) and how the Church responded accordingly.

It's not just neo-scholasticism or Tridentine Roman Catholicism that is the problem, though they do have a major effect on the Church's ability to evangelize.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

What is the diaconate?

Fr. Hunwicke: What is the Diaconate? and Diaconia in the Tradition of the Roman Church (1)

Homo economicus is actually Homo servus

The illusion of economic freedom is just that.

Economic productivity has been extracted by powers outside the home, leaving little economic freedom that is rooted in a domestic economy. And now, even women have been taken out of the home so they can be turned into consuming/producing units in service of those holding economic power.

Without cheap energy to sustain the system and the consolidation of economic and political power by the few, feminism would not be possible.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

CWR: The Mosque, the Manger, and Modernity by Carl E. Olson

“Where secularism takes God out of the public forum,” says Peter D. Beaulieu, author of Beyond Secularism and Jihad, “Islam takes the public forum out of man.”

Christos Anesti

Lord have mercy

Wipf and Stock Interview with William Cavanaugh

Friday, April 28, 2017

Pope Francis in Egypt

CWR Dispatch and CNA: Full text of joint statement by Pope Francis and Tawadros II
"The tragic experiences and the blood shed by our faithful who were persecuted and killed for the sole reason of being Christian, remind us all the more that the ecumenism of martyrdom unites us and encourages us along the way to peace and reconciliation."

The Eucharist as Politics - William Cavanaugh

Monday, April 24, 2017


That the reviewer labelled Dreher a formal schismatic. And he finds the solution to the crisis facing Latin Catholic churches in the West to be Latin traditionalism. (Of course he would!)

Rorate Caeli: Review: The Benedict Option

Православие в Японии

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Стихеры Пасхе - старообрядцы

via Byz, TX


A Thought

Do belief in the prophecies of St. Paisios and dreams of a resurgent Constantinople hinder restoration of communion between the Churches?

Perhaps the chastisement of Constantinople is not yet complete.

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Anne-Marie Pelletier

1P5: New Book Honoring Benedict XVI Includes Essay from Defender of “Remarriage” by Maike Hickson

God Save Benedict!

Crisis: A Pope Turns Ninety by Regis Martin

What should be done about James Martin, SJ?

Crisis: New Ways Ministry’s “Fr. James Martin Effect” by Deacon Jim Russell

Is it possible to reform the Society of Jesus from the bottom up? Or does its Constitutions require a top-bottom reform? If these rogue priests cannot be disciplined by the order then the order should be suppressed.

What is the new Latin emphasis?

If it is no longer the Passion, is it a sentimental or Pelagian understanding of the Resurrection?

Crisis: Revisiting Jim Bishop’s The Day Christ Died by Michael De Sapio

Orthodox TOB?

Singing the Liturgy

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The "Council" of Crete

The announcement of the lecture:

The Canon of St. Andrew

Initial Rite of Preparation of Holy Chrism



Bishop Nicholas Samra on the Ministries of the Parish

I think the "socialization" aspect is rather incomplete and needs to be developed at length so that there is a proper discussion of the friendship that should exist among parishioners of the same parish.

Getting Rid of the Lavender Mafia Might Help

Along with the network that purposely weeds out orthodox seminarians. But these steps don't address all of the problems.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Problem for Married Priests But for Some Celibate Priests as Well

An insufficient stipend.

Byz, TX: The modern priesthood

Also Eastern Rite Canadian bishop reflects on married priests after meeting Pope by Inés San Martín (via Byz, TX)

Pravoslavie: The Week of the Veneration of the Cross by Patriarch Tikhon (Bellavin)
This is an article by St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia that has never been republished. It was written when he was still an archimandrite at the Kholm theological seminary, which is now located in the territory of Poland, and published in the periodical, Beseda (Discussion), printed in Warsaw.

Parts 2 and 3

"My Soul, My Soul"

Silence in the Heart

Faith and Humility

From 2013

Pemptousia: Fr. Nikolaos Loudovikos: “Maximus the Confessor’s Eucharistic Ontology”

Fr. Nikolaos Loudovikos, “A Eucharistic Ontology: Maximus the Confessor’s Eschatological Ontology of Being as Dialogical Reciprocity”, transl. by Elizabeth Theokritoff, 2010: Holy Cross Orthodox Press.

Too Good for the Sanctuary

New Temple for Duchovny Dom

Photos: Cardinal Burke in Oakland

Here, here, and here.

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Eastern Christian Books: Early Christian Family Life

Eastern Christian Books: Early Christian Family Life

Alas, the English Translation of His Book is Out of Print

Rorate Caeli: The Church and Asmodeus - Part 3 (and the fallacy of Theology of the Body) by Don Pietro Leone


Faithful attending Pope John Paul II’s Angelus discourses from September 1979 –November 1984 and hoping for catechism or pious disquisitions, would surely have been disappointed. Instead they were to hear him propound in all freedom his personal theories of sexual morality. We shall here briefly examine two tenets of the personalistic ‘Theology of the Body’, having already discussed the theory in detail in our book.

But is his reading of John Paul II's Theology of the Body correct?

Bishop Irenei on the Great Canon