Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Best of Silver Age Scholasticism?

Church Life Journal

An African Missionary's Perspective on the Amazon

Sandro Magister: A Missionary Called By the Pope To the Synod On the Amazon Explains What the Church Gets Wrong

A Lightning Rod for Latin Traditionalists

Rorate Caeli: Christus Vincit: Bishop Schneider’s Powerful and Luminous New Book — And Its Presentation in Rome

Peter Kwasniewski

Edward Krasevac, OP on Nature and Grace

Amateur Hour at the Vatican

Vatican spin on the Amazon synod statue. Who represents life? Christ. We are alive only insofar as we live in him. The Theotokos is the "Mother of all the living," those who live in Christ. So why not an icon of our Lord or the Theotokos?

Does anyone there think like a Christian? Instead we get people who think like the world with respect to interior decorating for meetings.


Reception by the Faithful and All That

CWR Dispatch: John Henry Newman in Full by Bishop Robert Barron
Buffeting from both sides made almost the whole of Newman’s life difficult, and it is not hard to see why he saw much of his career as a Sisyphean exercise in futility.

Newman was not of the "left" or "liberal" -- he merely sought to reclaim the Latin churches from clericalism, a problem which still infects the patriarchate of Rome now. That some did not understand this and could only put it in political terms of the age shows how blind they were to the problem and their slavish adherence to their notion of hierarchy.

Thomas Aquinas as Mystical Theologian

Letters from the Amazon Synod Part 5

First Things: Letters From the Synod–2019: #5 Edited by Xavier Rynne II
Reports and Commentary, from Rome and Elsewhere, on the Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region: “New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology”

The First Ecumenical Council