Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chiesa: Vatican Diary / Pope Benedict's Parting Shot
It concerns the rite of baptism. He wanted "Church of God" to be said instead of "Christian community." The order to change was issued a few days before his resignation. And it went into effect after the election of Francis

From the article:
In practice pope Joseph Ratzinger, as a sophisticated theologian, wanted that in the baptismal rite it should be clearly said that it is the Church of God - which subsists fully in the Catholic Church - that receives those who are being baptized, and not generically the “Christian community,” a term that also signifies the individual local communities or non-Catholic confessions, like the Protestants.

Praise the Lord from the Heavens

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monastery of Saint Mary of la Garde

Rorate Caeli: Grand Opening of the new buildings of the Monastery of La Garde, France

(See also Solemn Profession in Nursia)

Edit. Over at NLM: Q & A with Dom Mark Daniel Kirby on Silverstream Priory

"Aquinas and Orthodoxy"

The talk is not by Marcus Plested, but by Fr. Andrew Louth, given for the Oxford Orthodox Christian Student Society on October 20, 2011.

Fr. Andrew did write a review of Dr. Plested's book which was published in First Things (subscription required).

M. Burcht Pranger, "Bernard of Clairvaux, The Last of the Church Fathers"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Something in the Daily Cal: A glimpse into modern-day Orthodox Christianity

A minority Christian group that is of no significance in the US - the article would fit with the PC sensibility of the Daily Cal.
Cappella Papale in the Sistine Chapel - Apostolic Liturgy par excellence

The title of the pope seems to be an exaggeration, though the author probably did not intend it to be such.
Vatican Radio: Pope sends greeting to Rimini meeting

Still Too Early to Judge?

Ars Orandi: Pope Francis is Shaking up the Catholic Right... and the Conservatives are taking it out on the Traditionalists
The perspective of a NCR reporter: Pope Francis is unsettling -- and dividing -- the Catholic right by David Gibson
Pope Francis discovers charismatic movement a gift to the whole church

Maybe everyone should take a time out and focus on their own community first.

Holy Mass for the Assumption of Mary and Angelus

text of homily

Fr. John Welch, "The Interior Castle of St. Teresa of Avila"