Saturday, October 15, 2016

Blood Ecumenism

Liberalism Disguised as Catholic Social Teaching Presented as the Works of Mercy?

Posting This for the Icon

Why Not an Eastern Catholic Prelate?

Benedict XVI on Bartholomew

Pope Francis:

Lutherans Won't Quit

Edit. Statue of Martin Luther at the Vatican
Unbelievable, if true -- what proof is there that Martin Luther was holy? Why a statue to honor him? Would this be scandalous to the Orthodox?

Jesuit News

All in clericals now:

Learn the Priestly Blessing in Hebrew (Aaronic Benediction)

Chiesa: In Rome Yes, In Florence No. Here’s How “Amoris Laetitia” Is Dividing the Church

In the pope’s diocese, the divorced and remarried can receive communion, in other Italian dioceses no. Because every bishop is deciding as he wishes. A manual by Cardinal Antonelli for confessors who want to remain faithful to perennial doctrine
Rorate Caeli: IMPORTANT: SSPX Superior-general Bp. Fellay met Pope and CDF yesterday (October 13)
Understanding Evolutionary Theory with St. Thomas

Find a Spiritual Father or Mother

Ho Philanthropos

Byzantine Vestments


The Mystery of Mary

Friday, October 14, 2016

Humility in Seeking Forgiveness

Are Such Gestures Necessary for Ecumenism?

If they were serious about reconciliation, could something else be done?

This may seem too much like one prelate scratching the back of another, for the same in return....


Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon on St. Anselm's Atonement

But is the presentation of Anselm correct?

Orthodox Shaman?

A Special Jesuit Liturgy

What would St. Ignatius think of the Jesuit branding? Jesuit Swag!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CWR Dispatch: A fiercely intellectual book on the moral complexities of sex by Fiorella Nash
A review of Anthony McCarthy's "Ethical Sex: Sexual Choices and their Nature and Meaning"

Marian Consecration

Are Marian Consecrations, whether the version of St. Louis of Montfort or someone else, have taken a hold in the Latin West if the West had had a better liturgical spirituality and liturgical theology? Shouldn't our consecration to God the Father, initiated through Baptism which makes us adopted sons, and repeated in every Eucharist, be sufficient? What about analogues in the East?

Total Consecration: Consecration Explained
Consecration Prayer to Mary

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Shemà Israel - Cammino Neocatecumenale

Given what I posted on Saturday... I had to post this, which I found last week. A bit odd... reminds me of 60s guitar Mass music.

The man himself:

What a traditional Jew be scandalized by this?

How long was the Shema Israel retained by the early Christians as a part of their liturgical prayer? (I assume that it was part of Jewish daily liturgical prayer at the coming of Christ.) Why wasn't it kept? Because the Torah was replaced with Christ?

Discern with the Western Dominicans

On the Tree of the Cross

Matthew Baker, Seraphim Danckaert, and Nicholas Marinides, eds., -- Jordanville: Holy Trinity Publications