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St. John the Forerunner

The Life of St. John the Baptist
From "The Lives of the Saints and Several Lectures and Sermons" compiled and translated by St. Sebastian Dabovich
The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist by St. John Maximovitch

Two Indispensable Channels

Part of our communion with God is our connection to the saints; chief among them after the Theotokos are Peter and Paul.Listen here: http://bit.ly/1LFsQOt

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Psalm 67

Paschal images abound in this well loved Psalm prophesying the resurrection and ascension of our Lord.Listen here: http://bit.ly/1KzBTjl

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Metropolitan Hilarion Meets with Patriarch Bartholomew


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John Chryssavgis on Laudato Si'

An Eastern Orthodox Perspective on Laudato Si
A Personal Response, An Ecumenical Reflection by John Chryssavgis
The 17th Century Chinese “Biretta”

What could have been, the continued development of a Chinese variant of the Roman rite. What would we make of a woman wearing a biretta? (Though there are some who do wear the doctoral version with four peaks, as opposed to the priestly one with three.) Inappropriate? Presumptuous? Even if it is in accord with their rank, but that is the question - should they have been elevated to it in the first place?

The egalitarians will say yes, but they ignore the place of the school in broader political community; and many of these universities do not exist as a part of a political community, as those population centers are no longer political communities. When the industrial age ends, so will the misallocation of resources in academia.

"That said, rumor has it that the Hong Kong Archdiocese is considering reviving the tradition. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!"

Given the loss of the cultural significance of (traditional) hats to Chinese people, why bother? If there were a group of Christian monks who adapted such hats for monastic life, that would be one thing, since a monastery could be a place for the development of a Chinese form of Christianity, but in a fairly Westernized and 'modernized' city like Hong Kong? The Latin diocese of Hong Kong should focus more attention on catechesis.

Honorary Doctorate for Benedict XVI

Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI received Doctorates honoris causa on Saturday from the Pontifical John Paul II University of Krakow and the Krakow Academy of Music.

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Album 1, 2, 3

Benedict XVI: Without Pope John Paul II, My Theological Journey Would Not Have Been ImaginablePope Emeritus Conferred Honorary Doctorate From John Paul II Pontifical University, Academy of Music of Krakow

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Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI receives honorary doctorates - (Vatican Radio) Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI received Doctorates...

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Michael Pakaluk – First Comes Friendship?