Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thomistica.net: CUA Press to Distribute Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University's Books

Ignatius Press had been the distributor; fiscal or sound business reasons for this change (not renewing the contract?) or is this another consequence of the falling-out between AMU and Fr. Fessio?

Becoming a Dominican

Province of St. Joseph: Formation Process

The Akathist Hymn

Fr. Schmemann on Liturgical Reform

Fr. Alexander Schmemann was familiar with the work of Fr. Bouyer. (Did they ever meet in person?) Did he agree with Fr. Bouyer on the principles of liturgical reform? He did write a review of Liturgical Piety. It is apparent that Fr. Schmemann did think that some reform was needed. In which of his books does he discuss this? There are the following essays online:

On the question of liturgical practices
Problems of Orthodoxy in America: The Liturgical Problem

Not all Orthodox have been accepting of his work.

On the Importance of Attending the Evening Divine Services by Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov