Monday, February 14, 2011

Fr. Michael Himes

Someone in the OLOP Young Adult Group posted this video on FB:

I was a bit curious, since I had heard one of Fr. Himes's homilies and was not impressed, despite the presence of what I considered a personality cult at his Mass. He didn't strike me as someone orthodox, but the typical American theologian who thinks he is a better authority than the bishop of Rome. I suppose I should listen to the video and read some of his stuff to have a better judgment of him as a theologian, teacher, and priest.

The talk he gave as part of BC's Last Lecture series--Boston College Front Row:


Food for Thought
Foundations of Christianity: Faith and Hope

He offers some guidance on discernment.

Heights article
Something on him and his brother.

2008: Dominican University Presents Michael Himes in Mazzuchelli Lecture

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