Saturday, February 20, 2016

St. Porphyrios

In this video Father Alexios speaks of his wonderful and God-sent relationship with St. Porphyrios. Watch now!

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St. Georges in Bucharest, Romania

How cute! This is Luca from St. Georges Orthodox Church in Bucharest,Romania. #myOCN

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Fr. Moses the Athonite

He has published four poetic collections: Ηπειρωτική Ηλιοφάνεια (Mainland Sunshine), Αγιορείτικες Πέτρες (The Stones of Mount Athos), Αθωνικά Ποιήματα (Athonite Poems) and Αθωνικό Ψαλτήρι (Athonite Psalter).

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Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Us vs. Them

The Protest of Ukrainian Catholics: “The Pope Supports Russian Aggression”

The archbishop of Kiev gives voice to the bitterness of his faithful, because of the embrace between Francis and the patriarch of Moscow and the “half truths” of the document they signed in Havana

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Robert de Mattei on the Meeting of Fancis and Kirill

Rorate Caeli: "The 'historical' meeting between Francis and Kirill" by Roberto de Mattei

CWR Interview with Bishop Alexander Sample

CWR: Abp. Sample on the liturgy, vocations, and Synod disappointments by Jim Graves
In a wide-ranging interview on his 10th anniversary as a bishop, the archbishop of Portland discusses the centrality of the sacred liturgy, the challenges facing the family today, and more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Portrait of the Lay Vocation: St. Giuseppe Moscati

CWR Blog: St. Giuseppe Moscati and the Vocation of the Laity by K. V. Turley
The life of the 20th-century Italian doctor and saint was, as Antonio Tripodoro's biography demonstrates, a fusion of the secular and the spiritual, of the earthly and of that which belongs to another realm.

Eastern Christian Books: Early Christian Devotion to the Mother of God

Eastern Christian Books: Early Christian Devotion to the Mother of God

Byzantine-Rite Liturgical Colors

How can we expand our views of liturgical color concerning the Orthodox vestment? Read more about this topic. #myOCN

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Fr. Ilie Bobaianu

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Heard this through someone else; a deacon for the local Latin diocese told a story of how when he was doing prison ministry a prisoner came up to him and asked if it was ok to receive communion; the prisoner had been baptized Catholic but had received no formal catechesis
nor the prisoner raised in the faith. The deacon prided himself on making a quick decision; he said the prisoner should follow his heart, or something along those lines.

Is Pope Francis an inspiration for his pastoral counseling?

Solidarity or Bias?

Do Ukrainian catholics expect all other Catholics to side with them on political issues simply because they're Catholic?

Many injustices were committed against the Ukrainian Catholic Church, and many have not been remedied yet. But what of the rights of ethnic Russian-Ukrainians? And has there been any show of recognition by the Ukrainian Catholic hierarchy of the problems of those who currently hold power in Ukraine?

Can there be any reconciliation of Ukrainians and Russians? Chastisements in the future for all around?

What we need is more prayer and less wrong-headed politicking by clergy.

Reactions to the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill:
His Beatitude Sviatoslav disappointed in Joint Declaration; laments Vatican's "weaker team" by Carl E. Olson
"One gets the impression that the Moscow Patriarchate is either stubbornly refusing to admit that it is a party to the conflict, namely, that it openly supports the aggression of Russia against Ukraine..."

Francis and Kirill: Who Played Whom?
February 13, 2016 by Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
Five details from yesterday's historical meeting suggest that while the Russian Patriarch may have thought he was first violin, the Jesuit Pope was conducting the orchestra.

Patriotism, Secularism, and Eastern-Rite Identity in Ukraine
Alexander R. Sich

Cyril and Methodius: Apostles to the Slavs

Official trailer English subtitles :-)

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DVDs available now with English subtitles for Cyril and Methodius. #CyrilandMethodius

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Heard "just retribution" in the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil today. Would like to see the Greek original. The Byzantine tradition may speak of God's treatment or punishment of unrepentant sinners as being just, but does it understand God's justice primarily with respect to punishment and "reward"?

Pertinacious Papist: How can the wrath of an almighty God be just against the limited offense of a mere mortal? in which he quotes St. Robert Bellarmine

"Prayer in Daily Life" Archimandrite Irenei (Steenberg)