Monday, February 27, 2017

The Anniversary Was Two days ago...

Fr. Hunwicke: Regnans in Excelsis

The power of the pope to depose a Catholic sovereign is based on his power to excommunicate? Is the secular authority directly under the authority of the pope? What is the warrant from Sacred Tradition for this? I have to do some research on the theological reasoning for this as it has been a while since I thought about the topic when reading Church history. The good of the Church is greater than the temporal good? Even if this is the case, on what basis does excommunication necessitate that someone is deprived of political office?

Does the pope have the authority to immediately excommunicate anyone in the Universal Church, i.e. Christians in the jurisdictions of the other patriarchates? Or is this power only mediate, that is the power to confirm an excommunication or to deny an appeal, and for reasons other than just "subsidiarity"?

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