Sunday, January 21, 2007

BC Spring 2007 Philosophy Lecture Series

The Spring 2007 Philosophy Lecture Series is as follows:

** January 29, 5:00pm, Higgins 300: Our own colleague, Mary Troxell (Boston
College): "The Role of the Ideas in Schopenhauer's Metaphysics", with a
commentary by Prof. John Sallis (Boston College)

** February 9, 4:30pm, Higgins 300: Robert Bernasconi (Vanderbilt):
"The Policing of Race Mixing: When Racism Came under the Sway of Biopower."

** Feb 23, 4:30pm, Higgins 300: Claudia Barachi (New School
University): "On Friendship and the Polis"

** March 22, 7:00pm, Cushing 001 (note the change): Dr, Edmund Pelligrino,
(Chairperson Presidential Bioethics Commission): Annual LaBrecque Medical
Ethics Lecture: "Bioethics and Catholic Conscience"
-- followed by Seminar & luncheon, 12:00noon, March 23

** March 30, 4:30pm, Higgins 300: John Caputo (Syracuse University):
" Marion's Line: Overcoming Phenomenology's Neoplatonic Captivity"

** I Also Call Your Attention to: Our 8th Annual Graduate Student
Conference, "On Hegel,"
See website for information: