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Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk at the Liturgy in St. John Lateran

Interfaith Gestures?

Why would one ask Muslims to fast unless he thought it were an efficacious gesture to God? What would that imply about the status of Muslims with respect to their "standing" with God, as this invitation was made without qualification? That they are just like Christians, even if their faith is different?

Ecumenism That Matters

Dominican Friars: NPR: Piece By Piece, Monks Scramble To Preserve Iraq’s Christian History

Still waiting to see what comes of it all

St. Mark Orthodox Church, Irvine, CA


The style is too minimalist for me...

Entering Into the Spirit of Great Lent

A Response to Pope Francis

From CRC: KERYGMATIC THEOLOGY The mystery of Jesus

Budziszewski's Commentary on Summa theologiae, I-II, qq. 90-97 J. Budziszewski's book on the Treatise on Law

Cambridge University Press
His faculty page.

Fr. Romanus in America Magazine

Fr. Volpi Responds

Rorate Caeli: For the record: Letter of the Apostolic Commissioner of the Franciscan Friars

Dietrich von Hildebrand on the Promulgation of the New Missal

The Remnant Scrapbook History ~ In The Beginning (via Pertinacious Papist)

In a letter dated April 27, 1970, von Hildebrand wrote a letter to Walter Matt’s brother, the new editor of The Wanderer, summing up, in effect, the meat of the matter that had separated the two Matt brothers. Von Hildebrand wrote:

Dear Mr. Alphonse Matt:

I thank you very much for your kind letter. But I believe that there is some misunderstanding. You assume that the new ordo missae and especially the rubrics constitute for me merely a personally painful change by replacing something very beautiful and perfect with something less beautiful and less perfect. But unfortunately it is my conviction that the new ordo missae is the greatest pastoral mistake and that its consequences for the Church may be disastrous.

I agree however completely with you that it is a grave problem, whether one should criticize it publicly or only intra muros. Concerning this problem every one must follow his conscience. But I frankly cannot understand that you do not only abstain from a public criticism of the new ordo missae but make the “Wanderer” an instrument for propagating and praising the new ordo. You even suggest in your letter, dear Mr. Matt, that I should join this propaganda. As you say that you agreed with my article in “Triumph” in which I stress that obedience to practical decisions of the Pope does not imply approval of them – it is difficult for me to understand why you expect me to utter a univocal approval of something which seems to be, from the purely religious point of view, a “suicidal” practical decision. I do not believe that a mere loyalty to the present Pope who does not act against those who destroy the Catholic faith daily more and more – like Kueng, Schillebecks, Padovano, Greeley and many others – and who does not use the means by which the Church survived through 2000 years: anathema and excommunication – can preserve Catholic faith untarnished.

Dear Mr. Matt, it is painful for me to disagree with you because of my sincere admiration for the “Wanderer” throughout the past years and our warm personal union in Christ. This disagreement, however should in no way affect our friendly relations.

Faithfully yours in Christ
Dietrich von Hildebrand