Thursday, November 05, 2020

A Latin Traditionalist View of Purgatory and Indulgences

The Modern Scandal of Indulgences: It’s Not What You Think

Missing Something, and It's not Small

This piece is correct on the importance of a common culture for a community. But this recommendation is naive and more akin to liberalism than any sort of moral realism. "Instead of either self isolation or a live and let live attitude which hides the deep divides in our communities, we must meet this moral division head on and seek to convince each other to reject the immoral and live together in unity."

Promoting the Liberal Arts with Exaggerated Claims


Let me offer a modest definition of what an education is for. An education assists in ordering and expanding our loves. This follows in the tradition of St. Augustine and Hugh St. of Victor up to present day with James K.A. Smith and David Brooks. The flourishing life is a life of ordered love, and education prepares and shapes such a life. It’s for a life fueled by affection creating a people “who the life they’ve made and they place they’ve made in it,” in the words of Wendell Berry.

Christian paideia does this. The liberal arts may train the intellect, but they do not by themselves, train the will, even if the state of learning before the liberal arts may influence the moral imagination.

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and a proponent of theology of the body. But even if this is understandable, I still consider it a Latinization.

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