Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Shepherd. The Warrior. The King.

Faith and Trust

Metropolitan Hilarion Presents the MosPat Perspective

Lord Have Mercy

Having Gratitude to Whom?

Expressing gratitude for good things is a part of certain strains of environmentalism; is it New Age in its origins? Green religion. To whom is one expressing gratitude? To one's self? To the "universe"? Is this some sort of pantheism, or an implicit desire for God?

Nativity Message from the Orthodox Metropolitan of Cyprus

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Iconography School at the Moscow Theological Academy. Part 2


Biological Classification Still Controversial



"Self-Described Conservative"

Such self-serving BS.

Meanwhile in Rome...

Deserving of a Popular Cult

And the modern Roman saint-making machine wasn't involved in his canonization so there's that for the credibility of the cult.

But this is a take that will be unpopular among the Latin integralists: St. Thomas Becket was a victim of a theology of ecclesial authority that hadn't been fully worked out and yet was nonetheless asserted and practiced as dogma. Was a conflict between a Christian secular authority (especially in the form of a over-grasping monarchy) and ecclesial authority inevitable? Probably. Could it have been resolved by other means? What if the Church had not assisted in the development of Christian monarchy in the first place, and had chosen a different path?

I found this post from The Josias which perfectly reflects how St. Thomas Becket wouuld be portrayed by Latin integralists:

German Catholics Continue Their March

Cowardice and Magnanimity