Thursday, September 15, 2016

We Are? Or Adam and Eve?

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Archbishop Demetrios

Hermitage of the Holy Cross

Harmonizing Codes of Canon Law

Dominican Foundation: The Thomistic Institute at NYU

I would hope a video or podcast is forthcoming.

Cluny Media Reprints The State in Catholic Thought

Nomocracy in Politics: “Heinrich Rommen on the Community and the State,” By Bruce Frohnen

Cluny Media

John O'Malley on the Council of Trent

Could a liberal Jesuit (not necessarily Fr. O'Malley) conceptualize and theologize without a Vatican I conception of the papacy (and its relation to Sacred Tradition) even though he may dissent from certain papal teachings? After all, to what does he appeal, if not some version of Sacred Tradition? Even if its his own opinion masquerading as Sacred Tradition.

Ableson Religious Reconciliation Lecture Featuring Dr. William Cavanaugh