Monday, March 08, 2021

Another Bergoglio Presser

Sandro Magister: Back from Iraq: "What Touched Me Most..."

As he formulates it, it is full of errors and exaggerations:


The Abu Dhabi document of February 4 [2019] was prepared with the Grand Imam [of Al-Azhar] in secret, for six months, by praying, reflecting, correcting the text. It was - it’s a bit presumptuous, take it as a presumption - a first step, […] this [with Al-Sistani] would be the second and there will be others. It is important, the path of fraternity. […] Ayatollah Al-Sistani has a phrase that I try to remember well: men are either brothers by religion or equal by creation. Fraternity is equality, but we cannot go below equality. I believe it is also a cultural path. Let’s think of us Christians, of the Thirty Years War, of St. Bartholomew's night, to give an example. Let's think about this. How the mentality changes among us. Because our faith lets us discover that it is this, the revelation of Jesus is love, and charity leads us to this. But how many centuries to realize it! […] This is an important thing, human fraternity, that as men we are all brothers, and we must move forward with the other religions. […] You are human, you are a child of God, you are my brother, period. This would be the greatest guideline, and many times one has to take risks to take this step. There are some criticisms: that the pope is not courageous, he is reckless, that he is taking steps against Catholic doctrine, that he is one step away from heresy... There are risks. But these decisions are always made in prayer, in dialogue, asking for advice, in reflection. They are not a whim, and they are also the approach that the Council taught.