Sunday, September 15, 2019

Chalcedonian Orthodox...

Triumphalism? Stubbornness?

The “Smoking Gun” of Non-Chalcedonian Christianity by Fr. Alexander Webster

Has it been established that certain Coptic authorities are monothelites? Or are they being misunderstood, just as their miaphysitism is misunderstood as monophysitism?

Instead of engaging in long-distance polemics, would it not be better to seek face-to-face dialogue with others, or if that is not possible, to abstain from commenting on the ongoing dialogue and wait until the duly-appointed representatives of the various churches have done their work? After all, other Orthodox do recognize that the Oriental, or non-Chalcedonian Orthodox, are not heretical. Should we at least not talk to them and ask them their reasons why, rather than engaging in a hermeneutics of suspicion?

And then there is the so-called "heresy" of ecumenism... when it is the same as relativism or indifference to truth then it should be condemned as such, rather than as "ecumenism." What are we doing to live in accord with Christ's prayer that "they may be one"?

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