Friday, May 13, 2016

Papal Trip to Armenia

Why Pope Francis' Visit Matters to Armenians

Interview with David Meconi, SJ

Zenit: INTERVIEW: Humans Become God? Yes, It’s Catholic Theology

A dozen Catholic scholars and theologians examine what the process of “deification” means in their respective areas of study
Kathleen Naab

Centesimus Annus Conference

Mozarabic-Rite Mass in Rome

NLM: Pictures from Last Friday’s Mozarabic Mass in Rome and Chants from the Recent Mozarabic Mass in Rome
Chiesa: Reading Exercises. The “Amoris Laetitia” of Cardinal Müller

In a monumental discourse in Spain, the prefect of the doctrine of the faith leads the post-synodal exhortation back to the course of the Church’s previous discipline. Too late. Because Francis has already written it so as to imply the opposite

St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral, Dallas, TX


Deaconesses and Women Deacons

Fr. Z: Francis and the Deaconesses… aka Deaconettes and Some feminine observations about deaconesses (aka deaconettes)
Rorate Caeli: For the Record: Pope on "Deaconess Commission", and clarification

ITC: From the Diakonia of Christ to the Diakonia of the Apostles*

Pope Francis and the Matter of Female Deacons [Updated] by Carl Olson
Why must we continually revisit matters that have been addressed in detail and are, in many ways, already set to rest in terms of magisterial teaching?

The Nephilim

Who are the nephilim? by Fr. Jonathan Tobias