Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Father Roman Braga: May his memory be eternal!
By Dr. Dan Hinshaw

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St Antonius Coptic Church


The Divine Liturgy - An Anthology for Worship - Father Peter Galadza

Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid on Sacra Liturgia USA 2015

"Sacra Liturgia” Is Coming to New York City in June (via NLM)

Still Not Hagia Sophia

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral will be consecrated this month by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios. What is a consecration and why does it take place? Find out!

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Natural Law & Natural Revelation

A Conversation with J. Budziszewski & Douglas Wilson

Notes on the Formal Cause of Political Community

Re: De Regno, even if we accept its authenticity, Aquinas does not explicitly claim that political authority/government is the formal cause of political community.

Government is a function/act proper to some or all of the material elements of political community, it is not identical to the material elements in themselves .

As for what makes a community, it is custom taken in a broad sense, encompassing law (and not just civil law), culture, and also the recognition that one is a member of such a community (what falls under the subjective conception of group identity) both by one's self and by others.

Coming to a proper understanding of political community and society will not be easy for most of us as we have become habituated to living in degenerate forms of community (to the point at which they cease being communities properly speaking).


Dr. William Marshner: Former Lutheran - The Journey Home Program

I am not sure if this episode aired before or after this one.