Tuesday, January 28, 2014

St. Ephrem the Syrian

"Let us pray for Christian unity."

A review by David Abulafia of ‘Inventing the Individual’, by Larry Siedentop

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Companion and Patron

From 2012:

Eclectic Orthodoxy: Saint Silouan and the Mystery of God

2013-0214 Bannan Institute

Sponsored by the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education at Santa Clara University. The theme for this academic year: What Good is God?

An intro statement:
Banna Institutes are yearlong thematic programs that address matters of significance within the Jesuit, Catholic intellectual tradition, foster an ethic of dialogue among persons of diverse religious and philosophical commitments, and facilitate opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange across the University and broader community.
Except that no such thing as the broader community actually exists - a purely 'academic' exercise, indeed. Most academics live in their own little world and contribute very little to the reform of moral and political life.

Winter Quarter 2014: God and Reality
Spring Quarter 2014: God and the University

The winter quarter session could be of interest, but will there be a critical examination of 'evolutionary biology' or contemporary physics? As for the spring quarter session will they profess adherence to the ideals put forth in Ex Corde Ecclesiae? I doubt it.

Upcoming Bannan Institutes:
The 2014–15 Bannan Institute will dive deeply into what distinguishes Ignatian leadership and the role and responsibility that is has, both locally and globally.

Should the Jesuits still be trying to form the elites of 'society' when Christendom no longer exists? Perhaps they should focus on teaching Christians, the leaven, in accordance with Tradition.

2014 Explore Journal
Bannan Institutes