Saturday, October 22, 2016

An Icon of Human Freedom

Venerating the Saints

50th Anniversary of the Repose of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

St. Luke the Evangelist

New Director for Holy Cross Orthodox Press

Fourth Boston Byzantine Music Festival

The Beatitudes

Riza Vestments

Winners of the 2016 Ratzinger Prize

Pope Francis on Holiness

An International Conference on Vocations

for the Patriarchate of Rome. Like it'll help with the crisis.


Eastern Christian Books: The Majestic City of Constantine

Eastern Christian Books: The Majestic City of Constantine

Christendom College Seeks to Build a New Chapel

Their current recruitment video: Dare to be Great? Reminds me of Donald Trump and "Make America Great Again."

Christendom College launches a new capital campaign.

They want to build a Gothic-style chapel even though none of the other buildings are in that style. And I personally think that overall, Gothic is not that attractive, though some Gothic temples here and there are beautiful, especially if they are made primarily out of wood. The first chapel may be simple, but I think it fits the campus better and is more American in appearance ("colonial" style?). What will the locals think of the temple? A foreign intrusion into their area? (Did they even bother to consult the locals for the design?)

They plan to convert the current chapel into a cultural center.

What alternative Latin architectural style might be suitable for the campus? Did they choose Gothic because it is associated with the medieval period? Modified colonial, with some Renaissance influence, something to complement the library?

There are different national styles of Byzantine architecture, but do we see as much change in these styles over time? Is Byzantine architecture more likely to be stable and have the semblance of "timelessness"?

O Ancient Beauty Ever New: Thinking about Sacramental Architecture by Steven Shloeder, Ph.D.

How different would some of those designs be if the architects did not have pews in mind when they created their designs?

Restoring Sacred Architecture to a Higher Plane by TRENT BEATTIE
William Heyer works to draw faith communities heavenward.

Rorate Caeli: EXCLUSIVE - The Marxist Revolutionary: New Jesuit Superior-General revealed by those who knew him in Venezuela