Monday, January 09, 2017

Yes-Man for the Papacy?

Card. Müller: “a possible fraternal correction of the Pope seems to me to be very remote”

After all, Cardinal Müller has no authority to silence his brother bishops.

Is it time to restore the full Psalter to the Liturgy of the Hours?

Community in Mission

Ian Knowles

The Telegraph: British painter revives Christian ancient art form of iconography in occupied West Bank
PRI: Many Christian icons are made in China. But these come from Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Icon School
Living Tradition and Iconography by Ian Knowles
Elias Icons
Orthodox Arts Journal
Middle East Eye

Fr. Florovsky on the Incarnation

Incarnation and Deification

Icon by George Kordis

The Icon of the Theophany

The Crisis in Orthodox Music in America


More on the Circumcision of Christ

Eastern Christian Books: The Retired Pope on His Life and Death

Eastern Christian Books: The Retired Pope on His Life and Death

St. Ambrose of Milan

Pravoslavie: Example of St. Ambrose of Milan by Protopresbyter Peter Heers
The Life of the Saint, written by his close disciple Paulinus, relays important information on the state of the Church at the time and the way in which the Saint was elected bishop, which is quite relevant to our contemporary situation and very instructive for us vis-a-vis how the Fathers of the Church dealt with heresy.