Thursday, December 03, 2020

St. Julian of Norwich

A New Constitution for the Roman Curia

An Interview with Anatoly Aleshin, Part 1


The Prophet Zephaniah

Something on AFR that might be of interest:

Would This Depiction of the Church Be Considered Canonical in the Byzantine Tradition?

First time I've ever seen something like it.

Because Latin Bishops Can't Figure This Out on Their Own

John Cavidini on the Proposed Five Benchmarks

Sohrab Ahmari on Cluny Media

Hans Boersma on Lectio Divina


The One Needful Thing

Interview with Metropolitan Onuphry

Anatoly Aleshin


Medieval Papal Power

"Spiritual Exercises for a Secular Age'

Is there a place for Ignatian spirituality for lay Roman Catholics?

Giving Thanks

More Criticism of Constantinople

James Matthew Wilson on Maritain

Protestants and Natural Law Theory

Meanwhile... universalism and particularism and "rights talk."

20 Theses of Analytic Philosophy

What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?