Sunday, August 19, 2018

What if?

Could the split of the Protestants have been prevented if the Latins had first reconciled with the Eastern Chalcedonian Christians ealier, and instead of elevating scholastic theological opinion as dogma at Trent, written the decrees differently?

Then we wouldn't have a problem about bishops endorsing practically unconditional intercommunion with Protestants.

The Intercommunion Proposal of the German Bishops is Unbiblical by Brian Kranick

Why Pope Paul VI Should Not Be Canonized

Paul VI on liturgical reform Editor

Pope Paul VI In view of the canonization of Pope Paul VI, the pope of liturgical reform, in October, Pray Tell is occasionally publishing some of his most significant statements on liturgical reform. This helps us understand the Church’s understanding of liturgy, and also reflect on how far we have to go in implementing the teaching more fully!