Sunday, June 02, 2013


The plainchant of the Ruthenians; according to the wiki entry, it is closely related to Znamenny chant. I've heard some Znamenny; the two forms of plainchant don't sound that similar. Maybe it's because the Znamenny I've heard primarily comes from Valaam, and I haven't really heard pure Znamenny. (Or is it because it's an all-male group?)

Paschal Ode 1 - Prostopinije

Palm Sunday Vespers 2011

Znamenny Chant?
Valaam - this example seems to be more like a mix of Byzantine and Znamenny - Valaam chant?

In English:

Not Valaam:

The Znamenny Chant of the Russian Church--Part I; Part 2 [alt]
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Znamenny Chant by Fr. Simon Pimen Pt.1 (Parts 2 and 3)