Saturday, October 27, 2018

CWR Dispatch: History, unchanging truth, and Vatican II by Eduardo Echeverria

The “pastorality of doctrine” approach, of which one can hear echoes in some interventions at Synod 2018, is a form of Neo-Modernism because it expresses merely an instrumentalist view of doctrine.

Thus Confirming Leaks

that the last part of the document would discuss "synodality."

Synod document calls for ‘participatory, co-responsible’ Church

55 Pages, 167 Paragraphs

Youth synod final report released, addresses gender, sexuality

St. Nektarios

Parma Clergy Photo

The Patriarch of Jerusalem is Greek...

Anthony Esolen: Lecture at "Your Imagination Redeemed" 2018

«Осанна» / Елисавета Феодоровна