Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nicholas Denysenko on the Theophany

Theophany, Blessing Waters, and Conversion by Nicholas Denysenko

μωραίνει Κύριος ον βούλεται απολέσαι

German bishop wants to make 16 years the minimum age for the reception of Confirmation: German Bishop Suspends Confirmation For Four Years

Lectoring in the Roman rite in the US

The Byzantine rite does have instituted lectors but it also does allow for non-instituted lectors, who should chant the reading as well. And, there is also a question here of whether the artchitectural feature of the "sanctuary" reflects a good and proper understanding of the temple as a place for the Eucharistic assembly.

The Past of the Patriarchate of Rome

CWR: The Jesuit Pope and the problematic reform of the Roman Curia by Christopher R. Altieri

2017 was a year in which the micro-fissures in the structure began to be visible to the naked eye. 2018 is likely to be the year in which it becomes clear that major structural reform cannot be postponed.