Sunday, November 11, 2018

What sort of Latin view?

CWR: The Conversion of the Papacy and the Present Church Crisis by Dr. Douglas Farrow
The reform we need is in the direction of simplicity, transparency, and integrity – what many thought we were getting in Francis, before discovering otherwise – and whatever does not serve directly the task of the successor of Peter should be marginalized or eliminated.

The author lists seven features of the current crisis, including:

seventh, a deliberate plan to use the papacy to dissolve what is left of the centralized, authoritarian Tridentine Church and to overcome the synthesis of Vatican I and II that was attempted, with limited success, by the previous four popes – that is, to generate a decentralized, morally and doctrinally flexible, post-modern Church that is open both to Protestant and to pagan elements, with a vast and welcoming Courtyard of the Gentiles.

The author also responds to Roberto de Mattei. Farrow's view of the papacy appears to be more balanced than De Mattei's (or that of many ultramontanists and Tridentine Roman Catholics) but he nevertheless accepts the definitions of the Council of Florence as dogma, and the status of the Council of Florence as an ecumenical council.


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