Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fr. Lombardi on Pope Francis

Father Lombardi, the Mouth of Truth by Sandro Magister
He gives a description of Francis that is very far from the flattering mainstream, and much more credible. On questions like the reform of the curia and diplomacy. But he leaves one open question: does this pope act more by instinct or by strategy?

Fr. Lombardi, head of Holy See Press Office, on how he feels about Pope Francis: "Confused." by Carl E. Olson
The remarks come from a "National Geographic" piece, which posits that Francis was elected by "more progressive cardinals"

Giacomo Cardinal Biffi

CWR Blog: Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, in his own words by Alessandra Nucci

Rorate Caeli: Marcello Pera: what an abyss between the Church of Biffi [Benedict XVI] and Galantino [Francis]!


The Forgotten Vice in Seminary Formation
July 27, 2015 By Fr. James Mason

A Worship that Appeals to Both Men and Women

Rorate Caeli: FIUV Position Paper: The Traditional Mass and Men

The claim that prayers and lyrics that are overly sentimental and do not strongly assert the truths of the Faith are repugnant to men is probably right. But one could probably find a trend of declining Mass attendance by men in the Roman rite churches after World War II; this is parallel to other churches (i.e. Byzantine) suffering from low attendance, both here in the US and in Europe, despite their maintaining traditional forms of worship. Why has there been a difficulty in retaining males? This is something those in authority need to address. Male converts are more likely to seek out traditional, more reverent forms, with the exception of charismatics and those who participate in some of the new ecclesial movements? But even those can be said to share with traditional forms a more demanding, robust Christianity, even if the theology of the latter groups may be suspect.

Two from TAC


Dr. John Goyette: Aquinas on Law, Happiness & the Political Common Good
Address at the Seventh Annual Conference on the Social Doctrine of the Church, June 20, 2015

Dr. Gregory L. Froelich: Self-Love and Friendship
Talk from the 2015 West Coast Meeting of the Society for Aristotelian-Thomistic Studies

A short profile on Michael Augros and an interview with him.