Sunday, August 09, 2015

This is a Surprise

I thought Ignatius Press would have been the one to publish his memoirs in English. Angelico Press, iirc, does have some books by Latin traditionalists but it is open to Ressourcement theology and the 20th ce liturgical movement as well. The translation is by Dr. John Pepino, who teaches at the FSSP seminary.

Now available: Louis Bouyer’s Memoirs — the long-awaited English translation now released from Angelico Press

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Peter Kwasniewski: Rorate Caeli and NLM
Chiesa: Benedict XVI As No One Has Seen Him Before. From Japan by Sandro Magister

In the land of the Rising Sun, an outstanding book with a new interpretation of Ratzinger as theologian and pope. Written by a specialist in German history and culture. And with a Latin title: “Renovatio Europae Christianae”

Mount Athos

The Holy Mountain of Athos is the only existing monastic state in the world, which preserves the whole Orthodox...

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