Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Hope the Book on Third Order Domincans is Finished Quickly

Augustine Thompson, OP is on Sabbatical

Check out his DSPT lecture on the Third Order here.


The Lucky Few

to get a photo with the pope emeritus...

The Martyr Nektarios


Ultramontanes When It Suits Them

Pray Tell reaction to the Press Release regarding Cardinal Sarah's remarks.

Will you still be proclaiming your triumph when your churches die out and your vocations dry up? How's St. John's Abbey doing? The abbey may have some vocations, but will they pull the abbey towards tradition or remain stuck in the 60s?

To Be Released This Month

Another book by Matthew Levering... Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

He also co-edited with Gilles Emery, O.P. Aristotle in Aquinas's Theology, which was released late last year. Don't know why that didn't show up on the radar.

Married Bishops

If the election of unmarried men to the episcopate was precipiated by problems with inheritance laws, if such problems could be avoided either through civil law/canon law/or a vow on the part of the man to be ordained bishop, would it be possible to have married bishops in the Church once again? After all, this too is only a human discipline, and it is said there have been married bishops in the Assyrian Church in recent memory. I heard last week an argument against married bishops, that it would cause too much strain on the family because he would be gone too often visiting his parishes, but what if the diocese or eparchy were limited in size, would this be such a problem?