Friday, June 07, 2013

A Pricey Volume

113 pounds

I had forgotten that there was a Centre for Eastern Christian Studies at the International Theological Institute. I was looking through the news section and found this from From February of last year:

On 16th February the Eastern Centre hosted Dr Judith Ryder of Wolfson College, Oxford. She addressed the ITI and a number of other visitors from the wider academic and ecclesiastical communities on the topic 'Demetrius Kydones: Statesman and Thomist in the Twilight of Byzantium'. Demetrius Kydones and his brother Prochorus were amongst the most prominent of the Byzantine Thomists of the fourteenth century. Kydones also served as Mesazōn (Prime Minister) to three Byzantine Emperors. Personally in communion with theHoly See, he worked to accomplish the (canonical and intellectual) reunification of Byzantium and Rome and to obtain the assistance of a Crusade for the Empire ever more threatened by the rise of the Ottoman Turks. Dr Ryder persuasively argued that for Kydones the key to his task was the effort toconvince his fellow Byzantines that they must remain in dialogue not just with each other but with both the Latin Fathers and their Western contemporaries. Dr Ryder is currently working on eleventh century Byzantium. Her study of Kydones "The Career and Writings of Demetrius Kydones" (2010) is published by Brill.

Has anyone done a review of her book on Demetrius Kydones?

The Installation of Bishop Borys Gudziak

From February 2012: