Friday, November 06, 2020

Japanese Depictions of the Theotokos

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Posting This for the Icon

My guess, an icon commissioned by a Latin from someone trained in Byzantine iconography. The Holy Family icon is a popular image with Latins but here the Eastern tradition of depicting St. Joseph as being much older than the Theotokos is apparently being followed. (I've never seen the Holy Family icon in a Byzantine temple.)

Holy Porphyrios, Pray for Us!

Two on the Meaning of Hand Gestures in Icons

The Catalogue of Good Deeds

12 Principles of Latin International Thought

Andrew Latham on the 10 principles.

#4 regarding scale is a questionable claim regarding Aquinas, though probably true of neoscholastics who didn't know any better. #3 re: the end of a state is questionable as well.

Fr Josiah Trenham on Eastern Orthodox Theology, Catholicism, and the Reformation