Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Problems with The Meeting Point


And it is meant to be taught to mixed classes? Incredible.
SVOTS has only 3 women on its faculty. STOTS, 1.

(3 at BCS)

St. Gregory Palamas on the Decalogue

Part 1

Andrew Louth on St. John Damascene

A Recollection of Elder Paisios

Kallistos Ware on Being a Person

The Center of Theology of Father Symeon Krayiopoulos

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has a Facebook page... isn't it time for that title to be done away with?

Deaconesses in the Roman Rite?

The Remnant: Bergoglio and the Institute of the Incarnate Word: Hints of Things to Come? by Hilary White

Thomism for the New Evangelization

a book by Fr. Thomas Joseph White, available for free here.

Msgr. Michael Heintz, Liturgy and Vocation