Friday, February 16, 2018

More on Cardinal Cupich

On Cardinal Cupich’s problematic, convenient conscience by Carl E. Olson

Conscience is not the ground of moral authority; nor is it the final judge when it comes to what is actually moral and true....

Those Cupich seminars: Why now? by Christopher R. Altieri

An Overhaul of the Aristotelian Sciences Is Needed?

Do the categories need to be reconsidered in a way going beyond the phenomenologists (e.g. William Marra)? What about the predicaments? Are the predicaments and attributes/properties confusing to the neophyte to Aristotelian philosophy? While the categories seem to be integral of the Metaphysics, are they so important to the Physics? Can one limit a discussion of change, generation, and corrruption to substance and accident? No, Aristotle does mention alteration of quality, quantity, and place. Out of those three, it seems that the category of quality is the one that may need to be revised in light of a better understanding of the natural world, even if it itself is a rather broad category that includes both color and thought?